Chill Everyone

I know this last update had serious issues in it but please chill out. #1 today is weekend and they are working (note the response from Joe) and #2 it’s Christmas in 4 days, give some people a chance to be with their family. I’ve had things happen when I’ve been in the middle of the war, it’s the perils of being involved during development. Frustrating yes, but give people a weekend, their holiday and time to sort it out without freaking out.


Seconded. This was an attempt at a Christmas present to us the community from our very small DEV team. Who were responding to multiple requests to play with / near friends. Remember that; they were LISTENING.

I salute the intention wholeheartedly and am 100% confidant they’ll get to it ASAP but yes let them have some Christmas Good cheer as well!


Sorry, no. They made the mistake of rolling out a severely broken patch on a Friday night, during the holidays, and then going home. That violates so many levels of software development knowledge gained over the last 40+ years. You just don’t do it.

The exploits have been running rampant for over 24 hours at this point, they’re going to get worse. And if they aren’t rolling back the servers, (which they haven’t even spoken about), then there are going to be some massive fortress systems built up that will be near impossible to take out.

Merry Christmas, indeed. Oh yeah, and you can’t even consistently move ships. Have fun with that for the next week? Two weeks? While they’re on vacation?

They need to fix this now. Reset the servers to before this awful patch, send it back to the drawing board, and then go on vacation or whatever.


Sadly yes I agree with this also. May cause some inconvenience yes but better than the alternative. Roll it back so we can cruise the Holidays knowing good things are on the way.


Christmas is in 4 days FFS. I said nothing about 2 weeks AND they ARE working today… You do always have to blow things way out of proportion don’t you. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

I’m watching people brag about how badly they can abuse this new system, and some of them are doing it. I’m not blowing anything out of proportion.

Besides, I thought you quit. Why do you care?

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This was rushed and there is no excuse. No-one was demanding these features, so dumping them out like this is unacceptable. I am pretty sure there will be no roll back as I do not think they have the ability to do so. But they should then patch this shit today, leaving it till monday is too much

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As if it’s any of your business I “quit playing” for health reasons. My health is better I AM playing again. Again the Dev’s ARE working on it. Geez.

They are not working on it, only Joe is responding here. He said as much in his forum message. He still needs to speak to the rest of the team when they are back from the weekend / vacation

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True, A weekend is NOT a vacation, I dont recall him using that word. Anyhow we’ve done as much as we can…

Not the first time the DEVs have pulled a universally detested move but is one of the more serious ones I agree. Still I have to be back on duty Monday lets see if they are too before any more vitriol is launched eh?

No this is not an issue you chill over. This is a type of mistake that should never happen for long term persistent servers. They fucked up badly this time. Its a big enough fuck up that normal you call who ever in on Saturday even if its their vacation week off coming up (and the senor programmer probably has all the files either on a home computer/labtop, so they wouldn’t even need to physically go there).

Game breaking exploits shouldn’t be expected to exist for long periods of time. (everyone shouting exactly how op they are, isn’t helping minimizing the damage either)


One hundred percent in agreement.

Ultimatums about leaving the game in particular… Bother me. People should chill. Things will be fine.

I would agree with shock and others in the no chill camp if the devs were not already on this. But they are. This stuff has already been ranted about in abundance too. No need to beat dead horses.


Two days later, nothing has changed.

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The dev arn’t doing anything yet, my understanding is joe hasn’t even talked to them yet. (or maybe just now as its monday morning over there, if they are even working monday)

The least they could of done is disabled the friend code, probably would of took 10 minutes (and maybe an extra hr to test it)

Joe is NOT a programmer. Until the dev’s get online and they decide what to do, nothing is going to get done. Joe has been monitoring the conversation, developing his own ideas and I’m sure as soon as the programmers actually get in and they have time to talk something will be done. It’s about midnight there btw.


What !!! The devs still don’t even know about this !!! I’m really starting to feel right and royally CONNED !!!

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Joe is part of the Dev team. So “they know” but the programmers aren’t in on the weekend to discuss or take care of it programming wise. Good grief.

I am sorry if this comes across as slightly brusque, but the coders have lives and families and this is the weekend before Christmas.

We can cope for now. My chief issue in terms of “response time” isn’t the present delay itself, but that the patch deployment time was… somewhat unwise, to put it nicely. :stuck_out_tongue: But that is a lesson to be taken here, I feel, and I hope IDA will take that to heart.

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I feel for ya friend. But please this game is built and run by FOUR people 4! Its not like there is a revolving 24/7 shift of programmers and sysadmins like a big publishing house would have.

You have NOT been conned, but yes we all have been let down. But NOT intentionally, nobody surely can think this was desired this patch? Good heavens if you are disappointed as I am Think how heart wrenching this sort of community reaction is to the Dev that coded this patch - partially in response to player requests!

While acknowledging the stern complaints above and the interjections that they out to know better about patching before a weekend etc all of which are true. I am still with @Puma on this. Cut them some slack, I don’t want a rush job fix to get it jump started before Xmas I want a proper fix if it takes a few weeks then yes that’s acceptable as long as we know.


I assume the devs take a backup before deploying any patch, as is good standard practice.

Assuming that they have a backup, they have no need to be ‘working on it’ they just need to reroll the server and patch.

This is going to damage the game in terms of interest/player retention, by extension damaging the game’s economic prospects.

So far IDA has relied heavily on the community to drive sales, this requires that the community stays contend and invested to continue pleasing Steam’s algoriths, this has not exactly pleased the community and people are leaving.

Edit for clarification: I am not writing this to shame anyone, but fixing this as fast as possible is in the best interests of IDA and the community.

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