Chat window and Hotkeys

The game doesn’t lock down the games hotkeys while using the chat windows.

So the map moves around, and zooms in and out planet/galaxy view as you hit the keys.

@Aletheides noticed this problem as well.

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I had an issue with that as well, I wasn’t certain what I did to cause it. I guess you answered it.

Oh is that what it is… Thirded here then :wink:

Just thought I would add to this, it’s the same for setting tax rates as well. Was trying to hit backspace but kept throwing me back out.

@joe please put getting this fixed as a priority, it’s driving me bonkers trying to chat and actually play

I am also experiencing the same issue… please fix this issue @joe

We’ve noticed that the keyboard still affects the map if you hit enter to send a message in chat and the cursor is not over the input field (the map jumps towards the cursor).

Has anyone seen typing in chat affecting anything else since the last update or is it just the enter key?

Hey Joe, thanks for the quick response on this one, I personally, just had no issues at all, typing a message into the chat window, tried all the keys that caused issues before, (BACKSPACE and WASD etc.) Had no issues, and I just tested BACKSPACE while transferring resources, and I had no problems as of yet!