Change the "Hi Neighbor" option

Right now if you are in range of ANYONE, you can see them on your chat screen so that you can pm them. Though this can be quite useful for some purposes, it is a very BAD thing during war time or possibly even during peace time if you have a truce with your possible opponent.

Though right now our coalition is at peace with our potential opponent, that could change at any time if diplomacy fails for whatever reason. Also wars can occur at any time with any opponent you do not already have diplomatic relations with.

I’d like this “feature” to be changed so that it can be turned on or off, with “on” being the default. It can be useful early in a player’s game, but quite harmful later.

Once we have “friend”/“foe” designation capability available, I’d also like this feature to be changed so that designation is applied to this feature, so even while in “off” mode, “friends” remain available in pm.

(I didn’t put a lot of thought into this post - so someone else help me here if I didn’t explain it clear enough lol)


No I think you summed it up ok.

For even more funzies have the default ON/OFF be a racial setting!
Humans, & Syntis Default ON (Friendly types and those that dont care)
PR & Rips Default OFF (Suspicious gits & Territorial Furries)

Ultimately its a play style choice to be visible like this. I also (as is my wont) object to the logical fallacy of being able to see player Civs like this but NOT Minor races or (and this really pushes the logic envelope) pockets of Player CIVs that are not actual players!

Either we have scanners that can detect civilisations radio emissions of some such or we don’t. Either Civs are too primitive or altruistic to realise giving away their location might be a bad thing (Looking at YOU Seti!) or they are not. This is reflected in the On off toggle Puma mentions

Yeah personally i would have this OFF at all times. If i want to chat with folks i’d have a private chat open with them. Or just chat on open channels. No need to broadcast to your enemies or potential enemies. Letting them know when your on or not is a rather bad idea.

I think this is better to keep the same for all civs. If everyone knows it’s “on” by default, they’ll know if they don’t want to utilize it, they can turn it “off”.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or just a design flaw, but I have 5 players on my “neighbor” chat screen that I can send a message to if I need to contact them to determine their intentions when I see a fleet near my territory. The problem is if they are out of range, I don’t know which one of the 5 to contact and it would be silly to ask them all “is that you going there”. Since this was the purpose of the chat, can you do some sort of highlight to identify the person that’s moving around. If I want to contact someone and I “know” where they are located, I can do that as well, but this player is unknown and I don’t know where he’s located, he’s not obvious based on the 4 players listed after using the “player colony scanner” it just shows me 4 of the 5 that I find on my chat screen. Sort of makes it useless for preventing mishaps.


Also I agree with the comments on this thread regarding the on/off switch for this function. Not as much of an issue right this minute, but in A3 I did have an enemy I didn’t want to know I was around that kept popping up on my chat and I’m sure vice versa and it would have been handy to turn off chat while I was moving around nearby them. I wasn’t cloaked, so they knew “someone” was in the area, I would have preferred they not know “who”. And if I am cloaked I certainly shouldn’t show up, but have no way to verify if I do or not at present.