Cat News Service: Refugees Continue to Pour from the North, SEQ Shaken Under the Specter of Potential War

Lisa Medvedev
Trolkari B, People’s Realm of Trolkari

As refugees push further south from Northern wars, internal contacts have revealed that CCCP military forces have been put on high alert. The central Coalition council based in Trolkari insists that this is not the case, and that the Coalition is committed to a long-term peace with all powers in the Galaxy. However, a policy oft-compared to the ancient Monroe Doctrine of the former United States threatens to pull CCCP into wider galactic conflicts.

To some, Galactic War seems inevitable. Lewis Zimmerman, an expert in intergalactic affairs, is concerned that such a view could only accelerate this process.

“It is vitally important,” Zimmerman says, “that all Powers attempt to de-escalate tensions. While CCCP’s defensive pact announcement may be popular with Coalition citizens, it is a sloppy diplomatic mis-step. It serves only to heighten the tension with various Northern powers, and the very idea of offering possible shelter to other retreating Northern powers threatens to plunge many of our infant nations into a war we can ill-afford to have - to mention nothing of the disgusting hypocrisy involved. This is only exacerbated by Captain-General Seraph’s decision to proceed with his warning before seeking CCCP Central Council approval.”

Catmiral Morias “Icefox” Seraph, former fighter pilot and hero of the Trolkari Defensive of 22 years ago, responded to a request for an official counterpoint:

“What some view as a diplomatic mis-step, I consider a necessary warning and show of strength. If we do not warn foreign powers of our doctrine, we risk a war we could otherwise avoid as other nations add us to their threat assessment of whether an invasion of the SEQ is worthwhile. Meanwhile, if we were to abrogate our declared duty to keep the SEQ a stable safe-haven for all, we would betray the very ideals the Coalition was founded upon.”

As to Zimmerman’s insinuation that I have overreached in my powers, I will remind that I remain the Coalition’s Captain-General, and am within my constitutional rights as Commander-in-Chief and Chief Ambassador of the Coalition to offer whatever warnings I see fit."

Northern powers have been asked for comment, and this article will be updated as the situation develops.

~ Lisa Medvedev, CNS

((OOC: Consider this article that request for comment, to save me some time tracking down everyone, and I’ll edit in any of your replies if you put them in quotation marks, with dated updates, much like an actual news media article. Independent empires are welcome to comment as well, as each of us is basically the head of a Galactic government, though perhaps within an alliance of nations. I want to bring some heavy and awesome role play to this game, so role players are encouraged to participate in the fun and enjoy. I have no plans for this to actually result in a war, but if it does eventually lead to one, I want fun to be had by all! Let’s bring some extra life to this game - together!))

((PPS: Edited into both posts later to be totally clear. OOC = Out-of-Character and IC = In-Character. And to clarify, as one of my guys feels this comes across as too much of a “call to war,” this isn’t ACTUALLY that. It’s for some fun RP related to a vague possibility of a future war someday, really. I doubt it will result in such and this is for funsies more than anything. :3))