Cargo Transporter


In a2 Cargo Transporter was a great thing. But now… Now it’s a trash. In a3 player can’t have a lot of ppl on a planet. This fact leads to the situation where u cannot allow yourself to have a zero ppl grow in ur planet because of overpopulation. And the only way to solve this problem is to having transporting(or assaulting) fleet for all these ppl. Of course there is not a big thing to add some cargo ships for these fleet. At least these is much profitable than to build Cargo Transporter. Thats why I say that one is `00% trash.

BUT! I think it’s can be great if Cargo Transporter became usefull againg. All u need is to add for them ability to trasport ppls too. (and probably rename to teleporter or smt else)


It would be nice if the Cargo Transporter wasn’t as expensive to build as it is (in total with power and EC’s) but it is certainly not impossible to have on every planet. I’m PR and I deal with corruption, yet I still have a Transporter on every established planet I hold. It saves not only time in performing resource transfers, it frees up a fleet count that I would otherwise need to have a cargo ship in each system to keep my resources flowing to my SY, etc. It just takes good planning of the structures.


If you can’t fit a cargo transporter on your planets you’re doing something wrong.

I have a transporter on every planet (where there’s more than 1 planet in a system), and it’s often one of the first things I build. With fleet caps it means I don’t have to waste fleets doing local mineral moves. Sure, it’d be great if it cost less, but I don’t actually see a need for it.

One of the things that’s been requested is that automation kicks in as players get bigger. Currently, if a player can’t afford the transporter then it’s likely because it’s just not worth the cost. However, when you are managing 30+ planets the cost becomes much more acceptable. To me, that means the cost is balanced.

As far as transporting population, I think that should be a dedicated building for that. Again, make it so the cost is too high for lower players, but when you get big enough it becomes a lot more palatable.

Here’s a suggestion I made for creating such a structure:


I can fit but I don’t need actually. As I told in first post I have no choce but to using transport ships for population. At the same time I’m add few more cargoships to these fleets, which is much more worthy than to build cargo transporters.
And I’m shure that not only me but every organic player hit the same problem.

BTW Syntis gamestyle is different. So I can agree that cargo transporters can be still worthy for robots.


Cargo Transporters serve a very valuable purpose: Cutting down on all of the tedious effort required to move cargo around. They are expensive, but so is watching cargo fleets crawl across systems, and protecting them from pirates, and so on.

Ripchee player here. With cargo transporters on every planet that has a friendly planet in the same system.


I do agree they aren’t worthless and save a lot of micro’ing time sending your haulers to each planet. Especially if you have a system with plenty of habitable planets in it. I would say 3-5 usually. Depends on your preference.


Transporters serve a purpose. They are perfect for the more casual player who doesn’t want to babysit haulers. The expense is the cost of the convenience.


Well finally got around to it… On balance, not worth it and dismantling I think.

I only have one system with more than 2 worlds, and that I think is the problem for such a comparatively expensive device. With World Caps as we currently have the opportunities for them are much more limited, that being the case I would have made them cheaper instead of what we have now.

This would allow you could build one on a lesser planet you were strip mining then dismantle it when you on tot he next world in that system


I think most people believe they are only worth it in systems with 3+ planets. More planets means more logistics, so the transporter makes more sense.

When you are managing 10 systems with multiple planets not having to worry about moving minerals around can be extremely useful.


Oh I agree in principle which is why I started building them in my 5 world system…

After I got to 3 I thought: “This is taking way more effort than having a simple inter system cargo ship”

I think part of my problem is that only 2 maybe 3 worlds are worth keeping in my example the others its case of Mine out and Move out. That being the case I’ll take the very small inconvenience of having a system steward ship flitting from planet to planet over these power hungry blighters!

But others mileage may vary. The only conclusion I agree with is that they are a lot less useful than they were shrug


The problem with them is the population cost for the power plants. On a low max pop colony it’s seriously not worth it if you are going to have happiness and some deep mines. Because you want your game to have mechanisms to reduce the tedium, the transporter is a great plus so should be made easy enough for all but the worst colony situations.


Heeeeh. I’m really wonder… Are u all guys don’t using fleets for trasporting population from planets that hit the max and just watching at 0 ppl grow?


Yes, but that’s because nearly all my planets are full.

The moral of the story in this whole thread: Small planets are bad. Systems with only small planets are bad. You are generally better off to find a system with 3-4 bigger planets even if they only have one decent deposit each. Then use cargo transporters to move minerals. Of course the catch is that you have to be able to find those kind of planets. However, the planet RNG system is a whole different topic.


Small planets are bad

really? muhahahah… such a revelation. lol. facepalm. But! Don’t tell this for everyone! Keep the secret if u wanna to have advantage!


No, let them take the planets. They can build up the infrastructure for me, and then I’ll come take it over.

I wish I had more active players around me for that reason. But alas, I’m stuck with inactives. By the time I expanded far enough to find more active players I’d already found enough good planets.


Ok. I’ll tell u. U need to build some scout with the new engine and sent them to the center of calaxy. All the juicy targets places nearby center. Moreover u can forget about neighbors because server spawns new players in spiral pattern.


t1 transporter: transports resources.
t2 transporter: transports population
t3 transporter: combatants from all linked planets defend each other, and can also die (this is a double edged sword as assaulting a planet without an orbital defense would kill more defenders)

Invasions would need to be buffed however, and the t3 should probably be somewhere near t5 ship yards imho.


Lets keep in mind. Cargo transporters are a pretty high tech. Its not your getting one on your first days in. You personally decide if the need is there for your empire.