Capture enemy planet , first population replaced

Hi , i dont know if this is a problem or is a new thing by design

today i capture a planet from another player that the first population was the squids

after capture this is what i got ( im the Syntis )

I THINK its the smaller population that gets the Boot currently. But as I said in a recent Poll I think it should be Conquerors choice?

ok , so i spend time to capture a planet only for the squids and i got a planet whitout squids , high temperature , no good deposits of anything and a second population that dont do anything , that´s great

Poll =/= game mechanics, wait for them to implement it (if they do) first. lol.

No it Sux, which is why its good you posted as you did as you illustrate the flaw in the game.

In your case the squids were you OBJECTIVE and the game mechanics exclude that from being the case!

@joe @loopzilla You see this? The game has a logic flaw that reduces the effect of the players SKILL and choices . I realise you have only so much time but please look again at this as soon as feasible.

Tax. PR pop can be variably taxed which can cover the Syntis weakness of a low tax rate.

my logic was , the native population will survive (aka the squids )

If North America were “captured” by the Spanish, the native population would remain the Indians, not the English.

now im the fist population :S and the PR is the second

in the invasion the PR kill all the squids and move to the Ocean ? or i kill all the Squids and send the PR to the Ocean ? maybe my General had too much to drink

I actually recommended “No Major Faction” 2nd pop, it would help stop losing natives in the long run over long term ingame invasions kicking them off and it would also stop the “donating pop to your allies” exploit.

But that would screw over the Snithereals bad and they would need something to compensate for it.

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When an invasion is ordered, several options should be allowed to the player.

  1. Conquor planet. (Nothing changes)
  2. Raze planet. (All structures are destroyed if you are successful in taking the planet except whatever hydro climate stations and power plants your race needs to survive. 25% of resources are returned in comparison to deconstructing the buildings.)
  3. Exterminate primary population (with negative reputation).
  4. Exterminate secondary population (with negative reputation).
  5. Exterminate both populations (with negative reputation).
  6. ???
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