Capitals Redux: A new system in place of current corruption, that battles multiple issues

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Each race starts with a SINGLE CAPITAL building attached to their home planet, a Capital building is invulnerable (can not be destroyed, unless a player a player resets), requires 500 population, 50 power, and increases production of mines by 25% (this means that deep mines would function at ((density percentage)(0.36))(1.25)). Capitals also give you a maximum fleet increase of 14, a maximum research cap increase of 20, and a Core planet cap of 5 (capitals are a separate cap, so you would start with 1/1 Capital and 0/5 core planets).

Capitals allow you to colonize anything within 100 LY without taking a penalty. Looking at fully mapped out sectors (our alliance split the galaxy into 100ly x 100ly sectors) its seems there are about 5-10 players in any given radius of 100 LY. Also, there seems to be between 30 to 80 systems per 100 LY radius. This gives everyone a much greater range of colonization.

You can still colonize outside of this radius, for every 100 LY past this range you incur a penalty. Organics deal with Desirability penalties from being so far away from home, while Syntis deal with Transmitting Data penalties (the further away from the Capital Node the harder it is to stay in touch). Organics receive a -1 to Desirability, and their maximum taxation levels are reduced by 15%. Syntis require 10 extra power PER building, and lose 5% from their taxation levels. Both Organics and Syntis incur a 10% reduction in building speed and ship building speed. Planets colonized outside of your Capital’s range can not build higher than T2 Shipyards, and can not build fleet controllers. These are considered fringe worlds and outposts.

Beyond the above penalties, any planets built outside of your Capital’s range gain corruption for organics, and interference for Syntis. The amount of corruption or interference is based on how many planets you have outside of your capital’s range. Increasing exponentially, however without any hard caps in place. Organics can deal with corruption with using ECs, however Syntis interference is different. Syntis take a penalty to their growth rate, mining rate, and build rate, they can battle this penalty with a signal booster. There can only be a single signal booster per Syntis planet, it reduces the penalties on that planet as if there have been 10 less planets taken.

Eventually people will hit soft caps with organics, while Syntis can do the same, however they could potentially reach farther if they wait for each planet to max out.

This will erase current Syntis tech for fleets and planets, instead they will gain a T1 and T2 fleet controller like everyone else.

There are several technologies associated with Capitals. Every time you complete a Capital research it increases your total core planet cap, as well as how many Capitals you can control.

The following is the research:

Level 1 (50 points) = Core Planet Cap is now 10
Level 2 (450 points) = Core Planet Cap is 10, Capitals 2
Level 3 (1,250 points) = Core Planet Cap is now 20
Level 4 (3,250 points) = Core Planet Cap is 20, Capitals 3
Level 5 (11,750 points) = Core Planet Cap is now 30
Level 6 (22,500 points) = Core Planet Cap is now 35, Capitals 4
Level 6 (33,250 points) = Core Planet Cap is now 45
Level 7 (50,000 points) = Core Capital Cap is now 50, Capitals 5
Level 8 (55,000 points) = Increases the cap on Capitals by 1, everytime this is researched you gain an increase in your cap, the research refreshes at 5000 research points higher. This research can be repeated over and over again to continue your Capital cap.

You must conqueror other Capitals to increase your total Capitals, or have them gifted to you (there will be players who want to focus on economics/logistics and they must not be entirely penalized within this system).

After your first Capital, every other Capital increases your maximum planet cap by 5. This is the long term hurdle to increasing the size of your empire, every time you research this level, it gives you the ability to take a Capital. Taking a Capital allows you to have more research, fleets, and planets. There are no hard limits, just hurdles.

If you lose a Capital all planets within that radius are subject to penalties based on the distance from your Empire’s Capital, as well as corruption and interference mechanics. Once you have more than one Capital you can designate which is the Empire’s Capital. Once you designate where your Empire’s primary Capital is, to move that distinction to another Capital takes one week.

If you lose a Capital and you are over your core planet cap, your entire empire takes -0.1 desirability, and -2.5% maximum taxation per planet you are over your cap, due to massive instability if you are an Organic. Syntis instead take a -1% penalty to taxation, and an increase of power needed per building by 5 per planet over the cap. Tread lightly when pushing hard against other players or you might get burnt.

If your planet is a fringe/outpost world that was colonized outside of your 100 LY radius, and is suddenly inside the radius of one of your newly acquired Capitals the penalties are removed from said planet. These planets are now considered core planets and can take you over your core planet cap.


If you have more fleets than your cap allows, all production on all planets stop until you rearrange your fleets. In this system you will have the ability to turn off fleets, Around the circle menu there will be a button to “unman” a ship/fleet, leaving it sitting at that location until you either turn it on, destroy it, recycle it, or its destroyed by another player. Unmanned ships do not attack, and can not auto attack, mine, or move. You can however merge an Unmanned ship into a manned ship. This turns off its unmanned status.

Your limit for unmanned ships is half of what your total max cap is. This also helps with leaving markers on your borders, as now you can leave unmanned ships with public notes. This also helps when you get close to max cap level and need room to situated your fleets.


If you do not have enough Capitals to support your Research Cap, then that many research points is deducted from your total until you require a Capital. Remember that each Capital you have allows you to have a maximum research of 20.

However, Akorokken planets give you both an increase to your research cap by 4, and 4 research points. This is the only way to get past the Capital research cap. This also makes Akorokken planets especially important.


This system also will need max taxation limits based on race, so the following will need to be also introduced:

Maximum taxation levels need to be changed, since Organics can place enough ECs to completely remove negatives and tax a population at 100%.

Humans Max Taxation with ECs = 65%
Ripchee Max Taxation with ECs = 70%
People’s Realm Max Taxation with ECs = 75%

After these maximums the penalty to happiness sharply increases and can go past the -1 maximum penalty. The penalties based on distance are applied to the maximum level of taxation. Just like with our current system, you can never have a greater than a +1 happiness, however, if you tax too far, you can go past the -1 penalty to happiness.

With the above in place, if you decide to go beyond your max tax levels you incur a heavy penalty that does not include your bonuses from ECs. At max 100% taxation, your incur a -3 to happiness per hour, regardless of ECs.

This helps the issues between Syntis and Organics when it comes to abusing the current system for maximum taxes.


To establish borders you must plant a Planetary Scanner down. The Inner range on a scanner not only gives you more information about your galactic area, but it creates the edges of your border. In the Empire Management you will be able to set a specific color to showcase your border so people approaching can see that this is occupied space.

To determine where the border lies in overlapping Scanner ranges, the mid point between scanners is where the border starts. Alliances/Guilds borders permeate together, and instead of a border line, they just have co-mingled colors, however if they use the exact same color it looks like one solidified area.

This makes Harpys extremely important race to have as well, because of their inner scanner ranges.


To help with the need of not taking a planet, we need orbital miners. Orbital miners can be deployed by freighters, require a cost and time to build. After they are deployed, they mine resources off of a planet based on the percentage of the quality of the deposit PER resource. For example, if there were 3 resources on the planet, the Orbital Miner would mine all three of them at once until its cargo capacity is full. There would be 4 tiers of Orbital Miners:

Orbital Miner 1: Mines at x2 the deposit percentage per hour, per resource. Has a maximum cargo space of 20,000.
Orbital Miner 2: Mines at x3 with 30,000 space
Orbital Miner 3: Mines at x4 with 40,000 space
Orbital Miner 4: Mines at x5 with 50,000 space

Orbital miners are not safe, anyone can come along and steal from them, letting the player that put them down know they have been stolen from and whom stole. Furthermore you can only place an Orbital miner on a planet that is in a system that you own.


What happens if you lose your last capital? You can designate another world as your Capital, this allows you to still produce T3+ Ships, and control fleets, however all planets still take the above penalties in relation to the place you choose as your Empire’s Capital. Eventually if you lose everything there will be SEED ship technology to help you.

With the alliance system in place, those that are in your guild, you can instead use their Capital to take a planet. This is a way to get around fringe planets/outposts that take large corruption hits, however these planets still count towards your Core planet cap. If they lose that capital you take penalties like normal.

You will be able to designate a planet a Core world, or Fringe world through a check mark box in the planet view, or through an Empire Management button. This is because if an ally takes a capital near a bunch of your fringe planets, you can keep them designated as fringe, without impacting your core planet cap.

This system really fixes all of our current major issues. It slows down expansion, but not to un-fun levels, it stops expansion spam, but doesn’t give hard limits, it creates tension to take other player’s planets, where there are not many now. This system also gates research so that each tier of gameplay is observed longer before the next tier opens.

The real strengths of this system is that it keeps the randomness factors intact without creating a homogeneous galaxy, it allows for early expansion, gates research more effectively, makes your planet and research paths even more important, and it encourages new ways to play the game. You can create borders more effectively, it allows for prime terrain/real-estate to be established, it encourages coalitions to work together, and it creates much needed goals and tension between players.

This incorporates ideas from @DeicidE @IkkeTM @SlayMoreDragons @Aletheides


Some good ideaas here. I think that the corruption definitely needs looking at and thisprovides an elegant solution.

Taxation: I have always thought it is very strange to be able to tax the population at 100% and still have them at 100% happiness.

Mining: Like the ideas

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The border suggestion is really nice. I think that would encourage more fighting as I could visually see what my neighbors own, and if they are in fact encroaching on my area.

Yes to orbital miners!

While I’m not happy with Syntis getting a form of corruption (interference), if capitals would allow us to potentially have more than 45 planets, that would be nice. Perhaps we can colonize 45 systems? That would make systems with large numbers of planets more valuable for high-population systems. Or keep it that each capital allows us to get more planets. Whatever allows colonization of unlimited worlds. Yes, that would get a little taxing on the servers, but it would make for much more interesting and varied gameplay.

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We can’t technically do unlimited on the scale you are suggesting, because that was too much.

Here, what you are looking at, is probably 50-70 Core worlds, and 30-50 fringe worlds. It gives people enough leeway to have core production, strip mining, and attacking others.

Eventually, technically you could go beyond this roughly every couple weeks/months adding a new capital. However it would take a very very long time to get to 200-300 planets. Even then, you would still be limited by your core worlds and the fleet cap.

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Oh okay, I understand. Thinking of it more, these changes really mesh together and need each other. To have as many worlds as you speak of would be a big step up, along with having visible borders and orbital miners. Juggling planets right now as either high pop or mining is a chore. Of course we still might choose to create mining worlds, but some planets are impossible to colonize (although they have big resource reserves) and I’d really love to just send out ships and strip mine everything I see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Orbital mining also creates a lot of added tension, besides having to take other people’s homeworlds.

So you have two things with this system that help create situations where players HAVE TO INTERACT. Also this system allows long term players be able to fight multiple people better, without being to OP. There are a lot of positives here.


the whole thing is bullshit. There is no point to make anything new while current thing works well enough. There are a lot of stuff to do before even have experiment with such a nonsence. the first thing the game needs is total rebalance of ships and weapons as well as making battles more complicate (stupid wall to wall is a shame).

Its not Bullshit its an idea just as valid as any of yours old chap.

If folks myself included thought it was “Working well” we’d not waste time typing to suggest other things.

But you are right there is a bunch to do that’s more urgent, and I personally agree that right after alliances a look again at the awful ship to ship combat mechanics is a must do.


I see you are back to calling people’s opinions bullshit.

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There is no reason not to offer up new ideas, especially ones so well thought out.

A few odd situations I forsee however and that is multiple sensors in the same solar owned by different players. I also have other comments/concerns which are really more about the details than the actual system so I wont comment as that would just add spam to the thread.

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Thank you for your reply though, and I don’t mind answering anything you have to ask.

As far as multiple sensors in the same system, that is a very very corner case, and I would say that unless there are even sensors in the area, it defaults to the one that has the most sensors. If somehow its equal, and they are near a border, the border could extend to that system. If you have more than the person in that area, you could start a new bubble. It would probably look similar to what Stellaris does.

So a player who loses a capital is done essentially and alts can be used to gift/farm them to power player/core accounts. Ripe for abuse.


Mankind is the weakest race and therefore needs a boost, not a downgrade. Our special ability to instantly put out a ship is useless if we can’t save up the $$ while trying to keep up with the guys next to us.

The current system we have right now can be, and is abused.

No matter what system is in place gifting can be abused. Its not the system, but alts in general.

Also, you can designate a capital if you don’t have any left, however, you won’t have much RP, and will need to take back one to really progress.

I am not sure what that has to do with the above system.

Everyone already knows all the races need re balancing in general.

Lol I said I didnt think it was worth commenting at this time and you asked me to comment anyway.

LOL I get you, but yeah, we need a re balance on everything, honestly.

Uhh rebalance… I still cringe at that word… Whats it been 5 years now?

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5 years for what?

About 1 year ago the balance in the game was WAY better than it is now.

We had varied flagship levels, instead of everyone having the same, we had better placement, we didn’t have bane weapons, we didn’t have sabers, all of the special abilities weren’t all on corvettes, etc etc etc…

They have added and changed so much without course correcting at all.

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I’m guessing this was the Grand Rebalance from Vega Conflict. Generally regarded as one of the worst moves ever made by a game developer. Somewhat similar to the “balance” we seen here. The easiest way to balance is to reduce the number of variables to nearly 0.

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