cant login

Please I need help with login. Few days ago I tried to log into game but it takes me to a screen where it offers me to enter skirmish game or main game or pro game??? I played this game for 135 hours in total but I cant find it now. My progress in research was almost at end I had around 20 planets with full grown civilisation.
My account name is cvele. Thank you in advance.

I’ve asked the devs to look into it for you and will get back to you once I’ve heard back. Apologies for this.

Something similar has been reported by other players and it’s likely that another player captured your last planet which triggered game over. If this happens, you’re supposed to be notified about it and the events leading up to it when you next open that game ( But there could be a bug which means that game slot is being removed before you get a chance to open it again and see this screen.

I am pretty sure that nobody attCked me. It was impossible for someone to capture all of my planets because I had 20 of them with strong defense. At this time i started to build Dreadnoughts and it was a matter of days to finish all of my research. Thank you for quick response and I hope that this issue will be cleared in short notice.

Sounds like you were in the A3 server that closed down.

Does this means that I am done? My game and progress is erased or is there a possibility to restore it? If that is the case then thats not cool at all. I cant even join skirmish or main game because I cant see any of opened sessions. Please help or point me in direction where I can search for answer…

How long ago did you log in with 20 planets? Was it the Alpha 3 server that closed down recently? Do you know what ‘pre-beta’ server means? Do you know what ‘skirmish’ server means?

Lost all my A3 stuff along with everyone else. Been 4 servers shut down since the game opened alpha testing a couple years ago. None of the ones going now will live long term either.

FYI, there will be a new server sometime soon but nothing has been set as of yet.

You only show up on the now closed A3 server in the player search.

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@joe Suggestion: Until the second Galaxy launches may I recommend you DISABLE the restart button?

If folks wanna quit they can just stop, but if they change their mind then they are currently up the creak without a dilithium paddle. Better to soldier on even after a defeat then be locked out until who knows when?

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I think that’s a great idea, there are potential issues to resolve with resets anyways I’m sure.

Could do, but I’m hoping we’ll soon have the messaging in the game lobby you suggested that will explain/warn about not being able to join/rejoin at the moment.

Fair enough, is it ungracious to hope we’d have a secondary Galaxy first old chap? Any news on that at all? (I know you are doing a lot with not many - I’m sorry but player retention is Kinda close to my heart as well…)