Cant log in since last night - Fourth Gig

As title says.
Game stuck at “Connecting to server” somebody feed my server hampster for me?

Its a subtle ploy to get us all thinking about balancing… or was that just a few of us lol

Oh I see! Balance the game by making sure the smart &$$ es are absent… Got it Bravo (Lolz!)

Hmm happening again

Seriously I am not that fussed as we are all awaiting Beta here, but I do hope these outages are not something indicative of a stability problem are they?

I mean if you guys are prepping the server or something great! But do try and let us know pleases!

Hi Zath,
We always inform you when maintenance is intentional. :frowning_face: But these last ones were not. We’re investigating current crashes so it won’t happen again.

No worries Mel. Didn’t mean to be a PITA but as it happened a few times in a row and I did the usual like check my steam files integrity & connection etc etc I did begin to wonder if something was acting up.

Happy Bug huntin’!

Ping. Happening again.

Couldn’t get in last night cant get in first thing in my morning. Stuck at “Connecting to server” as per usual…

Server should be online

:smiley: Fanks U! back in an noodling around again’

This is interesting 7:39 here and same thing again! Connecting to server endlessly. Will try on my work PC in an hour or two just to be sure but 99% sure nothings wrong with the PC here. I mean everything else is working just fine right now?

OK Hello Mel back to this again. Would love to look at the new features in the 0.84 some more but since this morning not getting past “Connecting to Server” (yet again…)

Same here stuck again

And back. Dunno if you did anything your end but an uninstall reinstall worked looks like. Maybe my updater didn’t do it quite right? I DO have TWO shortcuts to BD & Outscape on my desk top now for some reason…? Will test it.

May have spoken too soon fourth lost connection and reboot coming up…

Yeah just tried to log in for the first time in a long time to check the updated name and see whats new before the galaxy resets but i am also stuck at the “Connecting to Server” part of log in.

Any ideas whats going on @mel @joe?

I changed the settings to windowed and it appeared to connect. Im not sure if this is coincidence or not, but it might work for you?

Same here, can’t log in.

Yup still stuck here too. Almost a week now

Ya been weeks since I have been able to reliably log in.

Ping! Guess what… :frowning: Sorry to be a PITA but posting here is an easy way to log the disconnect: was in the middle of viewing the stats on a world I had just Bombed and “Connection” lost came up.

One reboot of the whole computer later its still stuck at “Connecting to Server” as per last time. :frowning:

This is what you get when you troll IDA :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh! if I had not actually been playing I might be worried.

Frankly old chap if they are that sensitive over a little light Mockery then there not whom I thought they were. :wink:

EDIT: 2.04 Pm here I see its letting me in again Yaaay!