Can't Log In For a Few weeks

There are several in my group that can’t log in since the last update. They hadn’t logged in for quite some time, I have requested they do so in order to test new features. Seems they aren’t the only ones. I haven’t personally had a problem, so I don’t know why this is affecting some and not others. @mel Please look into this and respond so that it is fixed before beta is released.

Of course we will investigate and fix this issue as soon as possible. It’s our top priority right now.
The reason may be in some changes related to rebranding.

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Thanks, if you could keep us posted as to when you believe this has been resolved, I will advise those having issues to try again at that time. Your help is much appreciated.

I think a lot of people are having issues logging in, we have the same issue in our group.

See my direct message to you regarding attempts to resolve this for a friend and what we found

Get a very fast flash of the debug box and then the lost connection error. Two different computers both act the same. Uninstalled/ reinstalled and cleared cookies with same result. Likely started with the re-branding but not sure what my fix would be at this point.

We’ve fixed that issue with connection to the server. Could you please ask those who had this problem to check if everything is alright ?

Thanks I will ask them to try again and report back.

As an FYI, I’ve been playing since the maintenance. It is still extremely slow and really bogs down my computer where it didn’t before. Been kicked once so far.

I was kicked once also… about an hour after maintenance

Still got the same server disconnect just now so still an issue someplace.

We have one other in our group that still can’t get in, he is having the same issues as WarMongers. I’m still waiting on confirmation from 3 other players from our group.

@mel the latest maintenance fixed the problem one of my group’s players had. He can log in now. The other is unable to test his at the moment due to the his limited internet at present. He can see there are changes requiring a download, he will try to log in as soon as he has a better connection.

Thank you for notifying. Yes, this maintenance was just to fix this problem. :slightly_smiling_face: