Can't lay mines in ally guard zones


I just discovered I’m unable to lay a mine in an area covered by a member of my alliance

I don’t know if this is a bug or intended
But I assume it should be possible to lay mines in ally areas

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Basically, you can’t lay a minefield that even touches another player’s guard zone…Ally or enemy. I hope that’s a glitch because it takes away the ability to help friends and alliance buddies. They already dwarfed the hell out of mines effectiveness (too much if you ask me) and now their extremely limiting where you can lay the mini-me mines.

You cannot lay minefields in any place that would overlap a newbie or guard zone and for very good reasons. Otherwise people would abuse the AI to get the guardian fleets destroyed while you are offline. And I don’t see how this is “extremely limiting” not being able to put minefields inside the miniscule guardian zones, they are after all guarded zones. What kind of guarded zones would let hostile entities lay minefields inside them?

If you ask me the guardian mechanic is weak as it is now and the anti-minefield feature is one of the few good things you get for the 32k population cost you pay for the tiny area it covers.

Not being able to use it inside an allies guard zone is likely an oversight that will probably get fixed.

It should be possible to lay mines in allied guard zones. There’s no good reason not to. Allies are not affected by minefields anyways.

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Ideally they should, but current mechanics pretend that limbalt has an infallible ability to dodge fleets traveling faster than light.

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