Can't intercept a Cloaked fleet inside a system even with CD

I can’t find where this has been reported before, so reporting it now. With a CD on and the cloaked fleet visible, it is impossible to intercept a cloaked fleet within a system, even if you have arrived and connected with them at the intercept point. They just move on past as if you didn’t exist.

The cloaked fleet stopped or moving? Don’t think the interception bug was ever really fixed with regards to moving fleets.

It was moving, but I just had another issue with a cloaked fleet. With a CD on, it went into orbit of a planet. I went there, it wasn’t there. Then next I saw it, it was leaving the system. With the CD on, I verified it, over an hour remaining on it.

It happened to me the opposite way. I had a cloaked fleet, sent to intercept 3 sweepers and my fleet missed, then the enemy fleet went into orbit under the protection of the orbital defense.

Yeah I’ve also had issues with chasing someone in system. I was faster and caught them up but instead of the game beginning a battle I stopped waited a few seconds and then chased after them again… it just keeps repeating… never a battle just a chase…

thats why I think the resolution is broken… its hard to explain but maybe if you target someone and a high resolution event that is constantly being triggered on the server for any movements for attacks as soon as they get within (this is the only way I can explain it) say 100 pixels then the battle begins… they are caught in effect and battle should rage. rather then getting to where they were and then recalculating to meet u with them again… that time lost in recalc is impossible to overcome and make a mockery of the game…

it needs FIXING!!!..

The server is priority but hwn calculating a new vector initiated by the defender as part of this unit of worki i.e. in the same transaction the attacker changes course also,… such that the server manages it all… the attacker has initiated the attack and shoould not have to further navigate their ships…

Attackers trying to do it manually will fail as the client server round trip is too slow… a bit like ping times… only much more dramatic.


A bug related to interceptions failing when they should have succeeded was found and fixed at the end of last week, so the fix will be in the next patch (the interception was being ignored because by the time the response had been processed the fleets were too far apart due to the faster in-system travel previously introduced - well that’s how I understood it…).

It was happening for both cloaked/not cloaked fleets. Apologies for the frustration this bug caused!