Cant have over 127 of the same tier ods

I already reported this in-game and on the discord but wanted to make sure its seen.
when building over 127 of the same tier ods the ods counter turns negative and does not fire, continuing to build more will bring the count from negative closer to 0. having 127 t2 ods and additional t1 ods does not seem to cause any problems. someone told me its likely a 7-bit overflow.

The better question is, does something like this really need fixing lol. I think the bigger issue is having to build 100+ ods in the first place


Indeed. Why isn’t there a tech 3 ODS?

Homeworlds have them.

It should be made available for all colonies and its damage upped by another 50. On the Awaken server it is no problem to get 50 bomber fleets a few weeks into the game and the current tech 2 ODS does not cut it for that.

you just make up some random fleet numbers… please no theorycrafting. the balance of bombers vs ods is rather good currently