Cannot connect to server

Playing earlier today, without issue.

Just that minor exploring bug, I posted.

Since then, unable to connect to server. Went on to Discord, other players don’t seem to have issues.

Verified my Steam files, just in case. Everything there is fine. My internet is working.

So, now what?

I have trouble when the .au lag gets too great. ymmv

Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t found that yet, but something I will look for, going forward.

Was able to get back into the game the following day.

Very frustrating, to not be able to log on. When everyone else was playing and not know why.

I’ve had a problem since yesterday with not being able to connect to the lobby - it can take 15 minutes or more, however, it seems that if when I am waiting, I tab out to another window & come back, I am in the lobby.

That is just plain weird.