Can we talk about this? [Opinion] Faster galaxy speed is actually nice

Faster galaxy speed is actually nice.

I’ve now played Andradite, Skirmish, & Main and although I still prefer Main’s slower progression speed over that of Andradite, I’ve certainly found one thing that I like far better in Andradite. Faster galaxy speeds.

Andradite’s build construction, fleet construction, resource production, etc… definitely should stay in the Andradite servers. It’s way too fast for most people whom don’t intend to put a major time dump into the game, myself included. However, when I swap back to Main after this galaxy slows down or comes to a close, I’m going to really miss those faster movement speeds.

Being able to move across the galaxy in a matter of hours, versus weeks, is truly a blessing. It opens the door up to combat opportunities that would be impossible in Main galaxies, and a level of strategy simply not possible in the regular galaxies due to their slow pace.

I get that there are people that would be concerned about an army popping in out of no where overnight and wiping them out, but I think that’s an issue more with our assaulting and defense system than with speeds themselves. The reverse however is also true, in that it enables you as a player to invade or fight with players that you otherwise can’t right now in the Main galaxies due to distance constraints. Faster speeds make for more engaging and exciting gameplay, and actually allows for things to happen in one session that otherwise would take hours of watching your fleets slowly move one pixel across the screen.

I genuinely think it’s worth considering bringing those faster speeds to the Main galaxies. I’d be curious to hear what other people think about this, but if you do comment, please have tried the Andradite speeds firsthand before making a judgement.

TL;DR: Andradite is too fast in a lot of things, but if there’s one thing to take away from my experience there, it’s that faster galaxy speeds should be universally applied to all galaxies.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on the subject feel free to comment below. This is part of my “Can we talk about this” series of forum posts. Feel free to check out the rest and share your thoughts!

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I would make the main galaxy fleets slower and ranges shorter. I would also add fuel consumption for low warp speeds, because there is no other way to limit fleet range. That would limit expansion and reach for every empire.

If the game had territory system, inside owned space I would cut fuel costs to half.

I would also limit fleet destination to be systems and not allow fleets to plot course to deep space or target fleets in warp.

Unfortunately, the game seems to be heading to an entire different direction. Fast games with hug pre-made meta alliances. Projecting their power everywhere. Sad, really.

Mobile and browser strategy game players prefer this, but I think 4x and grand strategy players would prefer a natural in-game way for diplomacy to develop. Also, more structure for diplomacy. But this is getting off topic…

game just needs to be a mix of Fast Galaxy and Main Galaxy, e.g. fast movement / resources but Main galaxy construction times for T2 / T3 / T4

I think a mix of the two would be the ideal server. Andradite movement speed, even 50% faster I would say, and build speed, increase building speed up even more so it doesn’t take so long to develop a colony and losing one would not be so devastating, but Main passive resource extraction speed and invasion/bombing should be slowest as possible, 18 hours for both bombing and invasion to allow people who work/sleep to be able to play this game too.

The key is to speed up active game play but slow down passive gain so that you feel that you can accomplish things in a single gaming session but also so that you feel that you have perpetual progression. Passive resource extraction should be very low but alternatives for active resource gathering needs to be introduced, such as PvE and high yield asteroid fields.

prefer Andradite but lets cool it from 10x to 3x

I would prefer a slower game in general. Faster games favour those who can be more readily online and automation cannot fully replace a human.

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