Can we talk about this? Moving lots of fleets at once is too hard

Moving lots of fleets at once is too hard.

Large Scale Combat is great, or well, in theory at least. It’s a sight I imagine a lot of people have pictured, and one fewer have seen. An armada of two opposing forces gathered across space and ready to clash with one another. There’s nothing but a graveyard of ships afterwards with a crippled but victorious winner. There’s, just one problem. It’s just way too miserable to get to that stage.

From step one until the very end, moving massive armies is a cry worthy endeavor that leaves all sides with a wrist begging them for a rest. Moving 100 fleets individually from one spot to another, day in and day out, is just tedious. The bigger issue that I’ve found, not for just myself but for others in my alliance, is not getting people willing to send their fleets to their deaths in a major combat engagement, but to get them to put in the effort to move all their fleets in the first place.


It takes too long to move more than a handful of fleets from one location to another right now. I brought it up during my Alpha-2 feedback post, and I’ll bring it up again here. We need some way to move multiple fleets at once. This can be done either through the creation of armadas linking multiple fleets together so they’ll move at once, the introduction of a shift+click to move multiple fleets at once, or a way to hold ctrl and highlight a box with your cursor over a section of fleets to move them towards a single location.

It doesn’t need to be exactly one of those 3 things, but the overall idea is that we need greater ways to move a large number of fleets. Until we get something like that, the game’s ability to have large scale combat wars, or encourage players to play into the late game, will not be possible. Like many things, many of the mechanics of the game work fine with a handful of ships in the early game, but break down relatively quickly as those fleets add up into the late game.

TL;DR: Moving dozens of fleets at once quickly becomes tiring and time consuming. We need some way that allows us to move multiple fleets at once in order to sustain late game gameplay.
If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on the subject feel free to comment below. This is part of my “Can we talk about this” series of forum posts. Feel free to check out the rest and share your thoughts!


I think in its simplest form if you say held shift and double clicked a fleet all other fleets nearby on screen get selected

I agree completely and for me it has become so bad that I refuse to move more than 20 fleets for any engagement. No game is worth that amount of needless micro when a simple SHIFT select of multiple fleets would alleviate a lot of this problem.

Then creating groups with CTRL # of the selected units.

I mean how hard would such a simple thing be to implement? Yet the value would be astronomic. Makes no sense to me that it has not been implemented yet.


We’ve gone long enough without a QOL improvement on fleet movements for multiple fleets, which is necessary in a game like Outscape. It isn’t just one fleet against another one fleet, it’s moving fleets a great distance, especially in the AtD galaxies which is a true PITA.

The only thing I would add to the above is the ability to select the fleets and enter a single destination coord for the group of fleets selected. Then off they all go to a single destination.

The above suggestion should be simple enough to implement and you’d probably bring a few people back to the game. Instead, by not doing it, we are losing more and more people every server.

Fix it.

And for heaven’s sake, bring back Galactic News - even if IDA has nothing to report, we like seeing the activity changes week to week and some people get to gloat about being #1 once in a while.