Can we talk about this? I miss progress updates

I miss progress updates.

I, nor anyone else, can say anything about where the game is headed, if, anywhere at all. Game updates are a rarity, often sudden, and their contents are completely unknown until the night before or day that they’re announced. Galactic news vanished without a word or reason why, and game development at least at public glance – appears to have nearly stopped.

Although IDA certainly has a small team that needs to prioritize its resources accordingly, constantly updating and interacting with the community during the alpha versions of the game was one of the reasons many people stayed and supported it. As time has gone on, these interactions have become fleeting at best, leaving a community with no idea what’s to come, or whether their concerns are being addressed.

Part of those concerns, especially considering what I’m trying to do right now, is that where it used to be a given that IDA would read & take all posts into consideration, it is now much more questionable as to whether that’s still going on.

It’d be nice to have our galactic news back, as I know in my alliance at least, seeing our climb on it gave motivation to our players to play. It’d be nice to know what the developers have planned, as it shows the game is alive and well.

As someone who’s been here near the beginning it’s unfortunate to be in a state where I have to ask for this. To keep this thread short… I miss progress updates, and I’d like a roadmap, can I have them back?

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on the subject feel free to comment below. This is part of my “Can we talk about this” series of forum posts. Feel free to check out the rest and share your thoughts!