Can we talk about this? Fleet creation is a nightmare

Fleet creation is a nightmare.

It’s an old Alpha-2 issue that could be mostly ignored when caps were introduced in Pre-Beta, but in Andradite it’s very real and present once again. In the main galaxies where you only produce a handful of dread fleets a week, fleet creation is just a matter of dedicating a few minutes to assemble once a week. In Andradite, it’s doing it every day, and it is tiring.

Due to Andradite’s rapid speed, you’ll be producing a half-dozen to a dozen dread fleets every day by the late game, and finding the time to monotonously assemble, format, and set targeting for that many fleets is less a matter of combat strategy and more a matter of “how much time do I have to spare?”

Assembling dozens of the same fleet every day is really tedious and boring. You can get around this by building fleet compositions which don’t require it, a very tempting & realistic proposition, but they’re not as effective and certainly would lead to the question of why do we have formations in the first place?

In order for faster speed galaxies to be successful past a few weeks into gameplay, this is a fundamental issue that will need to be addressed. Even in the regular servers, it would be rather useful quality of life.

One solution to the problem of fleet formations is to allow players to create preset formations. These could be saved and simply clicked to allow the player to load the configuration they’re after. All the better if this formation saves targeting as well, which is usually closely tied to your fleet formation design.

Another solution to addressing the tediousness of setting targeting for every ship is to simply have it be included in the blueprint creation stage of a fleet. Targeting already saves over when ships move from fleet to fleet, so it’s a safe assumption that the mechanic already is tied into the ship itself. Allowing players to set what the default targeting will be when creating the ship blueprint would nullify the entire targeting process when assembling the fleet. It’ll only address the targeting problem, but it’s one that would work, be fast & easy to implement, and save players a lot of time.

Another issue relating to fleet creation has to do with fleet capacity. If you’re outside of Andradite then this really isn’t much of an issue at all. In the Andradite galaxy it isn’t unusual to be producing over 90 ships overnight. With a max fleet capacity for Syntis that doesn’t even surpass 100 ships, this makes it impossible to queue a complete shipload overnight. These can be split throughout the day, but that requires multiple log ins just to merge fleets together, which can be pretty demoralizing. For organics, as an organic myself, our fleet capacity is slightly higher but this problem is annoying none the less.

I believe that when fleet docks were first announced, it was mentioned that eventually you would be able to dock fleets being produced by a shipyard immediately. Knowing the progress on the development of such a feature would be nice, assuming it’s even still being considered. I think that this could serve as a nice solution to this issue as it will allow for ship production to continue without running into the fleet capacity issue.

Along similar lines of thinking it’d be pretty nice to be able to queue an entire fleet at once and just have the ships merge into the flagship, rather than having to queue 9 separate ships and merge them one by one once they’re completed. This is probably the fastest part of the fleet creation process though, so although it’ll be useful QoL to have one day, it’s probably the least concerning issue (when it relates to fleet creation).

TL;DR: Fleet creation is a nightmare. Repeating formations over and over is tedious, boring, and takes too long. The same goes for targeting. Andradite players are running into the fleet cap trying to produce ships overnight due to rapidly sped up production & queueing an entire fleet at once that auto-merges would be nice QoL.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on the subject feel free to comment below. This is part of my “Can we talk about this” series of forum posts. Feel free to check out the rest and share your thoughts!


Fleet blueprints - That would allow you to design fleets using all of your current ship designs.

Constructing fleets - That would allow you to queue up entire fleets. It would add all the resource cost and construction time together. It would take longer, but it would make it better.

Or, have it included in the ship design. If I had designs that I would always use to target the ship with most HP. I would not want to set it manually in every new fleet I design.

Almost forget about fleet docks.
Deploy fleet - It would allow to launch docked ships in fleets based on saved designs. (If a few design is missing missing from the dock it would launch the fleet without those ships)

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Fleet templates leading to build fleet…

I passed an idea directly to loopzilla regarding a feature to reorganise fleets in docks to a selected fleet including position and targetting… The reason of using ships in dock is that its easy to apply it and happens to fleets not in the visible galaxy… It deals with remnant fleets by either launching them or recycling them… its clean and orders of magnitude easier to code

I couldnt disagree more… For me its probably the #1 thorn in my side ATM.

Simplest approach is probably the easiest to implement. Create the fleet once, manually, then save that fleet as a template, including firing strategy, give it a name, and then apply it to future groups of ships which will then be organized according to that template using the ship names as Id. Downside is that every time you upgrade a ship you need to recreate the template.

Further down the line you could view/edit the template, eliminating the downside of upgraded ships, and even queue the whole fleet in a shipyard which will build and organize it as the ships are being built.