Can we talk about this? Bugs & Fairness

Bugs & Fairness.

I think this can be relatively brief since it’s straightforward, and you wouldn’t think it needs to be said, but of all the posts I post tonight this will somehow end up one of the most controversial I’m betting.
Bugs need to be fixed, people whom exploit these bugs routinely knowing they are glitches need to be banned. This should not be controversial, and is common practice across the entire gaming industry. It is outrageous that this needs to be said due to a proven lack of action from IDA’s team.

As much as I want new content, it is paramount to the security & credibility of the game that when a player reports a game breaking bug to IDA, which can and is being used by players to gain an unfair advantage over others, that it becomes the priority target to fix. Players quit when they think they’re being cheated and no action is being taken. I would know, I’m an alliance leader, I’ve watched it happen.

It is by no means uncommon when such bugs are found for game companies to fully bring down the servers and hotfix the bug on the spot to avoid its use to damage the game integrity. IDA may not need to go that far, but it is absurd to think such bugs have been reported in the past and weren’t fixed for months, and even then, only because of player outrage on the topic.

Many bugs exist in the game, and bugs will always exist in the game, and it is understandable that some of these will have a higher priority over others. However, these bugs which can frankly be described as exploits by the definition of the word, need to be fixed A.S.A.P.

More than that, unless IDA intends to take immediate action on fixing it, once it is discovered and reported, IDA should immediately make it clear in-game, on the discord, and on these forums that a bug relating to (insert name here) has been found, a hotfix is being developed, and that any players caught abusing this bug from now until it is fixed will be banned. Outscape is designed as an RTS game, and the only way it can maintain credibility as one is if it takes these major bugs & exploits far more seriously than it is right now.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on the subject feel free to comment below. This is part of my “Can we talk about this” series of forum posts. Feel free to check out the rest and share your thoughts!


Absolutely not. This is a game still in alpha with a lot off issues. If you were to start banning those who make these issues clearly visible you would be doing a huge mistake.

We should thank those who have the dedication to exploit every little drop out of the game mechanics. I would rather ban those who try to hide exploits that they found in hope for maintaining an unfair advantage over others.

Well then, I hope as the leader of your alliance you explained to them that this game is not a finished product and everyone exploiting the broken mechanics are doing what they are supposed to do in a test environment.

Also, I hope you reported the exploits that were passed on to you by the witness.

So, you acknowledge that the only reason for the hotfix is players actually testing and break things in a visible way.

Why do you keep asking for banning those who take the time to find bugs? They report the bugs and when there is no fix for them they make it as visible for other players as possible. Then IDA has to address the bug because of public outrage.

If I were a game developer, I would reward players who completely break my game with badges or titles or something. I would make sure that everyone knows they did a great service for my game.

There is a MEGA difference between being the player who finds bugs and reports them, but doesn’t take further advantage of that bug

And being the player who abuses those bugs to gain a huge advantage over others and then casually mention it somewhere

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I would honestly prefer if they went as far as they can possibly go, revealing the severity of the issues at hand.

If it is mentioned and the player does not try to hide it then I see no problem with it. The problem is when players and alliances keep secrets regarding game mechanics and possible exploits.

That would invalidate their right to be testers on my platform. Do not hold information back. That defeats the purpose of the test and hinders development…

I remember people bragging about how they know information because they did extensive tests. Then refuse to share it with the community, because everyone can go through the testing process themselves. Ridiculous…

Clearly visible is posting screenshots and ither things onto the forums which we should all be doing. Taking advantage of said situations thereafter is cheating. In world of Warcraft it was possible to glitch a dungeon to force a boss to spawn without end giving nice holiday loot. A bug fix was in the works but those found to have been exploiting the bug got all kinds of punishments. Should the devs have let those who did it continue to reap rewards while the honest players be left behind in the dust gaining 50 times the rewards they should have been able to get?

Nope, 3/4 of my alliamce got a temporary ban and lost a good number of items. They cheated. It was the right thing to do.

I assume it did not happen on a test server and at that stage WoW must have been finished and released, not an alpha still in development. :woman_shrugging:

At the time of the cheating, the game was in early release, where the larger gaming community would get to know the devs, and lax almost non existant enforcement of the rules will be the ruin any game.

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Unfortunately some groups also hide info from the wider community and wanted to get the devs to work with them on a one on one basis on how the game should be fixed, balanced and built. That was also bad for the community and game development.

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