Can We Get An Updated Roadmap?


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I like the changes you have coming about the defence of planets. But there seems to be very little info going around lately. I remember a few months ago i would wake up to hundreds of messages in the discord about an extremely long conversation about the game. These conversations were actually fun to be apart of. But lately the chats are dead. We might get two messages every day. Thing is we need something to talk about. Can we get an updated road map? More frequent dev diaries? There just isnt enough information going around. Why i want a new road map is it seems you guys have added pretty much everything, except alliances of course. I log into the game maybe once every week or so, because there arent many updates anymore. Sorry but the game is just boring. I have almost a million farsu on my planet that i dont feel enough encouragment to send my fleets to get. I have only 50 research power because i dont feel encouragment to build more. I have only 10 planets because i dont feel encouragment to take more. I havnt fought pretty much anybody, except for a few corvette battles. I have like 4 or 5 war fleets, because again i dont feel any encouragment to build any more. We just need something to be excited about. I hope you understand. Thanks



I’d like to get an update on the status of the alliance features, some sort of details to what is intended to be included and some sort of time table as to when they’ll be available.

Will they be introduced at Beta or will we test them out in another Alpha (A4)?

I’d love to see the combination of some of what we saw in the skirmish galaxy (including the new natives) along with a little closer proximity to other players upon starting (maybe not quite as close as skirmish, but not as far as A3) along with the alliance features.

As far as activity in A3, I was pretty much inactive until the past two months when I got involved in two wars on two fronts. So pretty I’m pretty busy at the moment catching up in order to stay ahead of the opposition.

Looking forward to a new restart with alliance features whether it be Beta or A4.

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I bet a server that resets and records a winner every hour or two would drive some excitement. It’d be heavy with actions-per-minute as the focus but it’d make some very intense warfare. Reduce long timers dramatically, turn short timers into global cooldowns of one second, grow the map as maybe up to three or five systems per each player joined. Would this excite you, Boomer? :slight_smile:



Until friend-foe code exists, I’m just not interested.



I am hoping at least some friend foe code is added with the alliance features as well. I’d like to also see some complexity added back in.

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I’d be all for a restart with players being abit closer, and as puma mentioned no where near as close as skirmish. Alliance features would certainly be nice, friend/foe system wouldn’t hurt either. I know the automation stuff is still gonna be way out there though. Sure would love to get my little metallic claws on those new natives, assuming they’ve implemented the building to let syntis make meat bags content.



Sadly I have to agree with this completely. Social interaction is at least (minimum!!!) a third of the game for most players that seem to like this sort of thing: prolly nearer 50%. Why the Dev teams left it so long to implement is a bit surprising to me. But not grumbling (honest!) they are addressing it this year so we shall see :slight_smile:

Still I’d hope folks will tough it out and continue as much as they can as the few testers the slower the progress… so please give it a go now and again at least yeah?

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I built a couple of dreads after they (finally) fixed Ripchee shields, they’re big and clunky. I just don’t have much interest in trying to wander through my friends’/allies’ systems (read minefields) to try to engage whoever in a war when I don’t want their planets and it’ll be a logistical nightmare anyhow.

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