Buildings and troops removed from planets if a player quits

Hi everyone,

There have been a few posts recently about buildings and troops being removed from planets if the owning player quits, so I wanted to clarify what we are doing:

1) Planets when the owner quits during an invasion

The troops of an invading player vanishing during an invasion because the planet’s owner quit/reset during the invasion will be fixed when the next patch is released.

We’ve changed it so if a player quits during the invasion, the invasion will automatically succeed (no troops or buildings will be lost - normally with an invasion, troops can be lost and some buildings can be destroyed depending on the size and strength of both sides, but this will treat it like a surrender).

2) Planets when the owner quits but no invasion is underway

At the moment, when a player quits each of their colonies is removed: the buildings are deleted but the resources and populations remain. The above bug with removing the troops was triggering the colony to be immediately removed if the defending player quit during an invasion.

But we plan to change it so if a player quits, the buildings will remain on all of their planets along with the resources and populations (we also plan to change it so if a planet is abandoned/lost because the last colonist has been removed/died, the buildings will no longer be deleted). We probably won’t have it ready for the next patch, but it is a priority. We’re also open to making further changes to these mechanics in the future.

Because as players have pointed out, it’s not balanced that a defending player can instantly reduce the strategic value of all their colonies to an enemy by quitting. The defending player could still reduce the values of their colonies by dismantling buildings, and in the future some tech could be added to the tech tree that would enable a player to do damage to a planet they think is about to fall into an enemy’s hands.

Apologies to those of you that have been affected by this, we can appreciate how frustrating it will have been.


Thank you Joe & Team. Been fielding several questions to that of late!

I am sure that’s a massive relief and of course folks understand that patches don’t appear out of thin air but take time to integrate into the game.

But knowing from an official source they are actively worked on goes a long way to restore confidence

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So we can now build a colony ship and storage for population and essentially put a planet in storage then go raid someone’s planet, dismantle everything then pull off our population and resources and leave a wasteland behind.

And then just reactivate our good world out of storage…

Defenders could also use some info on what chance the invaders had when they launched the attack. They are essentially told what chance they have to win while defenders are in the dark with info like that.


Great to hear. Thank you for updating us all on this.

Additional option:

Dismantling is a thing and may be used in a strategy of scorched earth battle of planets.

In addition, you might have a research option of the ‘bomb’, were you may upgrade a building to become a bomb. Placing a nuke inside, so when enemy troops take it. Boom!!!

I’m sorry I do not understand what you are saying here. Could you please explain your thought?

If they change things so buildings stay when we accidentally depopulate a planet we can just have a fleet with a colony ship and enough room on cargo ships to hold the population off world intentionally. Planets structures stay so it’s essentially in storage with no penalty when you want it back.

So you can go grief your neighbors worlds dump them and restart the worlds you mothballed…

I see. But all the changes Joe mentioned are for when somebody quits aren’t they? Its pretty damn hard to “Accidentally” quit and reset ???

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" (we also plan to change it so if a planet is abandoned/lost because the last colonist has been removed/died, the buildings will no longer be deleted)."

Now picture an alliance doing this…

Ah OK yeah I begin to see. Hrm yes I allowed for that in my ruins suggestion I wonder if they do? Good catch. Well the intent to further buffer players mistakenly abandoning a planet is OK. But needs a fairly close limit 24 hours or less I’d say. After that you might get something back maybe but not everything.

@Joe you see this right? Whats the safegaurd against Warmongers concern?

And if we can drop side accounts where we want then they can really become territory holders. The only limit to this is fleet caps so syntis would make the most sense as it’s a tech.

This also has the potential to allow a way around caps by corruption for tax manipulation. Organics have no planet limit so you could pool a bunch of planets and tax them to oblivion then when happiness gets out of control mothball the extra worlds to lower corruption. Colonies start at 80% happy so there is a potential exploit there.

Thank you so much, Joe, team. This was incredibly frustrating, when myself and my neighbors got into a fight with a guy and we had 3 invasions going when he reset. Luckily one finished just minutes prior, but the other two invasions we lost a total of 70k troops between us, as well as millions of population. Was very disheartening.

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Solid fix for invasions during resets

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Really good intent here. Those that suggested a “Suicide Bomb” Tech looks like that’s now under active consideration as well.
The potential flaw as Warmongers pointed out above is when a planet is Abandoned by uplifting ALL population and the buildings remain in some way.

Now after many arguments we got a confirmation dialogue on uplifting the last of your POP. (we still need one if Troops will also do the same effect BTW @joe) And I have NO sympathy now if you override that and do it…

But the buildings should not remain as functional items forever. Not rehashing my solution again here that’s on record. But if you leave a building it decays. Eventually there is nothing usable left of it. That’s what we need here. Say 24 hours after a planet is unoccupied the buildings no longer work if recolonised. And say after a week they are just archaeological projects and cant be revived by any means. Oh and as was pointed out to me on Discord if the player that abandoned the building can recolonise it with a full set of infrastructure then the Happiness of that planet better start at the same point it was when they left it! If not then its a great way to “reset” Tax drained Happiness!!!

Getting them off the server like this if nobody does use them is prolly a good thing for game loading in any case. Just step the process is what I am saying.


Or an affect on happiness, from moving people from their nice homes. To small boxy space on a spaceship.

How dare you use logic sirrah away w’ ye!


This is currently broken. The population is gone as well.

Also if you attack a person with a native pop the attacker overwrites the native pop instead of the defender.

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If you trade or attack and take over a dual pop planet the civ with the lowest population is overwritten. Unless that’s no longer working?