Bugs and Exploit: Can't hit warp 9 targets on speed server, warp speed incorrectly shown, and moving at Warp 9 with no fuel consumption!

Alrighty, this has some old and some new:

  1. On the new speed server, it’s VERY, VERY difficult to engage a ship that is moving at warp 9. It flies right by before you have the chance to engage it. The hit box is just to small for the super high speeds. Warp 9 scouts/vettes have virtual immunity to being attacked unless until they run out of fuel.

  2. I reported this one back on main2 and it was supposed to have been fixed. But it’s reappearing on the new speed server. The info box on an opponents ship is saying that he is moving at unboosted warp 4, but in reality he is moving at boosted warp 9. The movement vector length corresponds to warp 9 and my ship moving at warp 9 can’t catch him (after missing the engage due to the high speeds).


Info box says warp 4, ship chasing at warp 9 can’t catch it.

  1. NOW… the real kicker… and the new bug/exploit… is that the other ship moving at warp 9 is NOT consuming fuel!!! It appeared on my scanners moving at warp 9 (vector arrow length never changed)… continued into sensor range… and then I chased it for a good while to confirm this fact… it NEVER consumed fuel!

a. The above info box above continually said 1600/1600 fuel,
b. The other info popup continually said 1600/1600 fuel, and
c. The fuel dial gauge continually said full fuel.

On the other hand, my fleet left fully fueled from a base which the other ships passed closely by and consumed fuel while pursuing. Yes, Syntis vettes consume more fuel that Mankind scouts… but Mankind scouts are supposed to consume SOME fuel!!!

At one point early on… note his fuel level and mine… (and he had already been travelling at warp 9 for some time before this)


At a later point… note them again…


My fuel gauge went from one tick used to two ticks used… his never even showed one point of fuel consumed!!!


Its VERY difficult to intercept a warp 9 target, only possible when you sit still in their flightpatch and give the attack order just right before they pass you.

That’s what I tried to do, and still missed. My wretched reactions. :frowning:

But this wasn’t the first/only time I haven’t been able to engage a Warp 9 ship. I’m think I running about 1 for 4 at the moment.

Fuel doesn’t update properly, I’ve seen that for a long time on main 2 even on my own fleets. Sometimes it’ll update when you change directions, or boost/stop boosting, but other times it just stays full (on the overview) until you get where you’re going.

hmmm I never experienced, or at least noticed, that before. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Yeah I suspect the fuel thing is just a display/update bug. I have seen it on both allied and enemy ships in Main2 but never on my own. Does still need fixed, though, because you can’t tell if you’re going to be able to run him out of fuel or not.

I can see how the warp 9 intercept would be a problem. It’s tricky enough in the Main galaxy. If the other guy is actively changing his course every few seconds then you can hit him but you have to be really on the ball to do it. Make it 10x speed and you’re basically just going to have to get super lucky. The interface gets in the way when the ships get close, too.

Slamz thats not whats going on, if you are intercepting e.g. scout flying at warp 9 with your ships flying at warp 9, the two fleets wont connect at the position where both flightpath meet. no course correction or anything involved, just warp 9 intercepting another fleet at warp 9.

They need to assign larger ‘circles’ for fleet engagement zones/ranges. So, a previously near miss would result in a battle.

Also, I don’t think you should be able to see inside an enemy fleet’s fuel tank, so hostile fleets should only display fuel capacity. (Or, max/max at all times, if that is easier to implement)

Actually @Rae, even if the intercepting fleet is moving below warp 9 and coming in from the front it misses.

I was fighting a guy we were both warp 9 and we both ordered ships to attack.

Our ships start doing this little dance around each other that neither of us can stop because it’s happening too fast and the contextual menus don’t come up with other UI elements in the way.

BTW in fleet formation menu contextual menus disappear when you mouse over a ship even when the ship is in the background behind said menu

@joe !!!


PS - feels like Latency. I imagine the server runs hot on Awakening :wink:

That would probably solve it. I’m guessing it’s something like “we are at the tag spot, now see if the target is close enough to draw into the battle” and in the 100ms or whatever it takes to make this check, the target has already moved too far.

Extending that “margin of error” would help in Main galaxies as well, to reduce the ability to escape a hit by spamming orders.

Ships are simply to fast and a overall nerf to speed is needed not reworking the game mechanics again. lol

I do not think the server IDA have is actually capable of doing much over Pac Man !! game is glitching more and more and lag is constant, every day now. I would not mind so much if the game was taking off so much lots of ppl were playing the game, but that is not the case. Latency seems to be what we must expect here.

The issue with warp 7+ interceptions failing in the awaken the dark galaxy will be fixed in next week’s patch.

I don’t think this was fixed, we have an open bug ticket for it still but I think it is entirely a display error when viewing someone else’s fleet.

I’m not sure what you mean?

We’re looking into the lag that’s been reported in the awaken the dark galaxy for players that have explored many systems - do you think that’s what you’re affected by?

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Iam massivly affected by my large exploration history, the cause of lag are the labels, i need like 20% of my explored system labels to be visable, anything else just slows down the game.

For the disappearing menus, go into a fleet formation and zoom in a bit. Bring up some of the various contextual menus and mouse over an option when there is also a ship behind the menu. The contextual for the menu that would normally appear with the ship’s details will compete (i think) and break both. Hope that makes sense lol I can reproduce it in a video if you’d like

Yes. Latency… That’s what it feels like. And based on feedback from other players who have a large visible area of the map that is likely the root of the problem.

We aren’t exactly all playing on toasters, either. Heh