Bugged planet

This planet has been around for hrs with “0” population, and its still generating resources. He even manage to build buildings at some point (before the first screenshots where taken)

I suspect he lost his homeworld. I think this is a result of not having the proper AI for Syntis. I saw it on another player’s planet who lost their AI. I raided the resources and all of a sudden the population miraculously reappeared but started declining.

I’ve seen the same on allied planets occupied by Syntis. It cleared up after leaving the system/orbit and coming back, or relogging, I don’t remember.

The owner had no homeworld problems at the time.

I seen a few planets like this also, great for invading lol

I have seen several planets with 0 pops too, all synthis (all known players are synthis), it seems there is something wrong with the game, maybe it is a vision bug.

It’s the AI building when they lose it.

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This is why they shouldn’t tie hard planet cap’s to the AI building at all.

what do you mean with AI building?

Government Building, each upgrade adds a few planets to the Syntis planet cap. I expected it to be a problem if the gov’t building was lost, but this is much worse as it seems to affect all the planets. For organics it affects corruption not planets themselves unless a new building is built. They have time to get one built.

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oh, okay

Thanks for reporting this and for working out what was going on - I’ve created a bug ticket for it.

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