Bug Tracker (list of open bugs)


  • Open/known bugs are listed below
  • As new valid bugs are reported they are added to the list
  • Fixed bugs are removed once patched (and included in release notes)

Help us keep this list updated: these bugs are the ones we know are still valid during Alpha 3. If you know of a bug that still affects the game but isn’t listed below, please report it (or if it was previously reported please post on the thread that the bug is still active). Thanks :slight_smile:

Open bugs

Asteroid Fields
  • Asteroid fields can spawn too close to a star to be mined (view)
  • Asteroid mining stops when capacity reaches 15 (view)
  • Fleet cargo status doesn’t update in real time while mining an asteroid field (view)
  • No ordnance used by fleet in battle but missiles seen flying (view)
Blueprints & Ship Designer
  • Blueprint editing can cancel ship construction with no warning and cancelling research of an edit deletes it (view)
Ships & Fleets
  • Fleet gets put in a star when a new player spawns in that system
  • Fleet tooltip shows fleet as having fuel when it doesn’t (view)
  • Fleet targeting options are not working correctly (view)
  • Syntis T11-64 not visible in fleet management mode. (view)
  • T2 scanners not working reliably (view)
  • Syntis repair module can repair a hull to above 100% e.g. 167% (view)
  • Assault troop carrier parts inconsistently available with hulls (view)
  • Fleet management close to a planet’s orbit interferes with ship positioning (view)
Fleet Movement
  • Attack and return: fleet returns at boosted warp when sent using free warp (view)
  • Ship intercepting isn’t always working for attacking and merging (view)
  • Fleets get stuck inside a planet (view)
  • No fleet context menu option to join ship to a fleet when close to a planet
  • Fleet hit by minefields when not in minefield
  • Pirate fleet formations are too tightly packed (view, view, view)
Planet / Colony
  • Populations with negative growth rate are actually growing (view)
  • Automated colony development needs tuning (it will build farms to support a pop higher than planet can support) (view)
  • Inconsistent resource label of NONE or LOW if planet is colonized/not-colonized
  • 0% density of a resource but 50k deposit size (view)
  • Player resetting midway through an invasion wiped out all of the player’s populations as well as the attacking troops (view)
  • Orbit defense system is not firing against a fleet in orbit
  • Deep mining rate gets rounded down to 0 when the rate is very low (view)
  • The wrong image is used for mission control center (view)
  • Auto-research researches a tech already researched (view)
Resource Transfer
  • Resource transfer opens for another planet instead of the planet viewed when player’s fleet is in orbit of another player’s planet (view)
  • Galactic news shows (1) but no notification on the panel (view)
  • Crashes & weird label issues when opening galaxy overview over research screen and zooming to a fleet (view, view 2)
  • Various visual bugs (view)
  • Logging into one galaxy can affect what is shown when logging in to another (view)

@joe, can we get this updated with a list of current bugs?

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@joe @mel Can we get this list updated? I have a few bugs that I’m facing, and instead of starting new threads it’d be nice if there was a running list so we knew what you guys were aware of.


The above list has now been updated and synched with our internal list.

We’re pretty sure there are many more that haven’t been listed - and we need your help with that :slight_smile:

If you know of a bug that still affects the game but isn’t listed please report it (or if it was previously reported please post on the thread that the bug is still active).

This list is formed from bugs we have seen during Alpha 3 and believe haven’t been fixed yet. Many of those we were previously tracking will have been fixed while preparing for Alpha 3, others won’t have been, but the list of old bugs was so long it makes sense to wait for confirmation that an old bug is still valid before adding it here.


Just to tack stuff on here quickly (I’ll try to come back later and edit with links to posts)

There’s an issue with fleets being upgraded and them not functioning properly until the client is reloaded (not sure if exiting to lobby is enough, or if the game needs to be fully closed and reopened). I know this is a known bug, but I didn’t see it in the list.

This issue is impacting more than just assault troops. It happens any time the max is greater than 99,999. It just drops the last digit. I’ve tested this with multiple resources and populations. I have to manually enter 99999 and sent that, then repeat as needed until the transfer is under 100k.
Here’s a post I made about the issue in A3: Can only transfer 99,999 at once

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