Bug screen every time I log on

Starting from today I get this bug report screen every time I try to log on and the game takes forever to load. In fact it seems to just go around in a loop.

Me to this morning

Seems I can login if I set GFX setting to low. But if I restart and set it to high then the same bug report error either occurs during logging in or later when playing.

Trying to clear exploration history and see if it helps.

From one other player

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Cool thanks. I will try that as clearing exploration history did not help but changing GFX to medium seems to have stopped it from showing up.

i had the same problem, restarting steam fixed it, might be related to the new steam achievements

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I have been getting the binary error for a bit (i think before yamota reported it) and other than the error itself nothing seemed off so i pretty much ignored it, well except…

this gem began rearing its ugly head again… only way to remove it is by restarting the game. i have restarted steam and it happened immediately after.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into it and I’ll update you when I know more. Has it continued happening since yesterday’s patch (not that the patch should have addressed it, it’s just to know)?

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For me it got fixed by running on medium GFX setting. I will try to run on high again and see if it comes back.

Yep, same problems as everyone else.

It happened again right before I posted.

Again when I started with High GFX setting it occured, but only after the game had loaded, but restarted on Medium setting and I am not getting the error so it seems related to something on High GFX setting.

This should have been fixed following today’s maintenance, please let me know if it continues to happen for you.


Seems fixed! :+1: