Bug Report: With multiple overlapping minefields, especially mixed ally & hostile minefields

When there a multiple overlapping minefields, I am unable to view how many minefields are present and who laid them. I can only view a single minefield at a time. So in a case where there are ally and enemy minefields in the same system, I’m forced to sweep up an ally minefield to clear the underlying enemy minefield too. I suggest that NAPs also apply default to minefields and that players without NAPs have their minefields placed on top and swept up first.


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SO you are saying that despite the NAP your minesweeper is taking down your allies fields?!!

Good Greif charlie brown!

Many thanks @zoezeo for reportign this one!

Yeah, there’s a system I’m in with at least 3 minefields.

  1. Mine
  2. Enemy
  3. Ally with NAP

To clear the enemy minefield, I have to sweep my ally minefield up first… weird.

This happens even with your own mines too. If you make T1 and T2 minefields at the same place and the T2 finishes first it can’t be seen