BUG: Player pirate fleet display

Alliance Member sees UFO:


I can see the playername with fleetname: pirate (Pirate mode turned off and fleet remained named pirate)

So basicly the game didnt display the NON PIRATE fleet properly for my alliance member.

While where on the subject of Pirate fleet display. I would like to mention that when a pirate fleet attacks and is a actual player at time the intial battle starts it is actually very quickly showing you who is attacking. It flicks very quickly showing you who the pirate is. So I would say this isn’t meant to be occuring but is.

So the UFO and fleet named pirate don’t belong to your alliance member - those screenshots are just what you both see?

We did have an open bug related to UFO labels and fleets activating false flags - if you’re online at the moment it’s activated and the fleet is in sensor? range it shows as UFO.

I did a quick test and saw that the fleet name didn’t revert back when false flags was disabled, it remained pirate (I’ve created a bug ticket for this).

I’ve also created a bug ticket for the other issue of the player’s name being shown very briefly at the start of battle even though false flags were on.