Bug or Feature? Scouted information not stored


If I send a scout to a star system and then to each individual planet, I’m able to see how resource-rich it is, what native population is there, and the environment information. However, after sending my scouts to another system, all information is lost once the star system is out of scout scanner range. It doesn’t even show the planets within the system anymore, as if it were never scouted. Is this how the game is supposed to work?


That’s how it works at present, it’s been requested to save the information. Once you are out of scanner range the information is no longer available on the Galaxy Overview. If you return then you’ll see it again as of when you last visited.


I think a lot of people are tracking scanning info outside of the game. It would be nice if the info stayed.

Also, it would be awesome if systems didn’t just disappear when not in scanner range. I have a log of all the systems I’ve scanned, but some are no longer in sensor range, so I have to find them again. I now regret not also including the coordinates when I was logging the info.


THIS! @joe
I mean c’mon guys I so get the “fog of war” idea and agree with it but please go outside sometime and tell me if you can SEE any stars on a dark night and perhaps you can see why this mechanic is so hard for the player base to accept.

By all means have the stars label vanish if you must but leave it on the map.

I realise that too many objects on the screen can cause server loading but why can we not have a locally cached overlay which shows the stuff we have discovered? The server doesn’t need to get involved at all for that does it?


This has been discussed before but I am a +1 to get this fixed. If you have scanned then you shouldnt have to have a ship or planetary scanner within range to remember what was there. It doesnt have to update itself - just remain


The details should be stored but marked out of date. This allows you to plan expansion based off deposit %s, but you don’t know if someone else got there first.


Cant agree more. I can totally get behind having out of date data, but we should still know where the system is along with it’s name and other data we found at time of scan. The data is not updated until we get it back in scanner range again so we may go there expecting to mine those asteroids and snag resources off the surface of the planets only to find it’s all been hauled off. Or someone has colonized the system and you had no idea it had happend due to the fog of war.


If this is done as a server resource managment strategy would it be possible to have outdated data stored client side? to take some of that burden off of the server, IF that was an issue which is why we have stupid forgetful super duper future computer tech.


If we could see the stars we mapped we could more easily point out goof ups - I men a BUGS in the Stellar naming system: EG.


Thank you for the report. We already have this change on our list and will fix it in the nearest future.


I’m going to assume the report is regarding Zathabar’s example. That’s the change on the list, or are we talking about no more forgetful computers? :slight_smile:


About no more forgetful computers :slightly_smiling_face:


Sweet, i hate those forgetful computers somethin fierce :slight_smile: gonna gleefully toss them out the airlock as soon as we get the upgraded version. Now that i think of it, i suppose i’ll have to find an alternate method of disposal. My ships don’t have airlocks, i mean heck they don’t have air… lols :slight_smile:


Wot :frowning: Yuu no fixie my duped systems!!!

LOL! Eventually I know I know! This current naming thingy is small beer but quite annoying if your trying to keep track who is where on the map independently of what appears when the scouted systems vanish!

The screengrabbed above was simply the latest my scout(s) came across I am sure (but cant prove) I have seen several others thing is they are not usually close enough to get a map on a single grab! Thats about 200Ly the span of my arrows I’d estimate.


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