Bug: Loading population is BEYOND a minor pain in the back side

I know i’ve seen something somewhere, but come on already when are we going to get something done about the asinine repetitiveness required to load population/troops already. I’ve spent the last 30 minutes TRYING to load my colonizer with people as a makeshift transport before i send it off into the great not so unkown. I’ve got some planets that need terraforming and this gem of a bug is going to make this task more then aggravating :frowning:

Despite there being PLENTY of population on the planet it’s telling me that there won’t be enough population to operate the structures on the planet. Yet if i load a single population at a time i can continue to load a bit and then i can go 10 or 100 at a time for a bit. It’ll completely stop letting me load for abit then i’ll exit the planet come back in and start again.

Makes it rather difficult to shuffle population from a planet that can feed a planet with better resources or other structure needs, or simply being unable to load colonizers to launch due to system believing there is insufficient population when in fact there are way more then enough…pfffft. SIGH.


It’s a bug, and been reported. Adjust the category.

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I created a bug for this a few days ago related to the following post but it hasn’t been fixed yet as far as I know:

I thought there was a workaround that you could proceed anyway by clicking ‘yes’ and the population would be transferred?

I tried to reproduce this myself on our test environment, just transferring troops/colonists on and off a frigate but didn’t get the message. If any of you have a fleet/planet I can test this on please PM me the details and I’ll chase it up with the devs.

Oh I was getting mine to work Joe it was just the annoying Nag screen that bothered me. Low priority I thought but if folks like Veq are getting no transfers… Hmm not so good!

If it happens again when my population is near that point again i’ll let you know.
But i’m hoping i won’t see it again.