BUG. Fleet stuck in planet model

So… my problem is - i send a fleet to the orbit of a planet and its stuck in the planet model. It dont moving anywhere, when i try to split it - the ships are still inside the model. I tryed to bring another fleet to merge with it, but nothing works xD

Plz help me my invasion is stuck (

Oh dear… @joe we have it again…

The one thing that worked for me one time balbulator was telling a ship of the trapped fleet to merge fleets with a ship in the orbital zone. If that wont work (& try individually with all trapped ships) all I can say is Bug report it and keep hassling them for a fix…

A single scout ship is one thing but if this planetary monster is now swallowing invasion fleets… :-1:

This is at least the third report of this so far this Galaxy:

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i had a fleet of 4 destroyers and was able to partially save them by splitting - the 3 of splitted fleets emerge on orbit after 2-3 tryes. But one is still there. Good idea - i will try to come with scout and than split destroyer. Can i change a Flagship? Also tryed to zoom out and so on and so on, nothing works

Wow you to my knowledge have had the most sucess in freeing up stuck ships of anyone already! I only manged to relase one free one time (this bug has happened to me twice now and there is a workaround that limits it)

Basically this seems to happen when the “Go into orbit” option is used or another form of direct drive to the planet you wish to arrive at.

These days before they get too close I use the vector line to manually modify the destination point to somewhere just on the edg eof the orbital ring. Thus far its stopped all repeat incidences of this Bug for me - but its terribly cumbersome and easily forgotten!

@Arn Well observed. Yes I am sure its a disproportionately hard Bug to track down but it Has been reported for at least the time I have been playing so it s a very longstandign one! Slightly more troublingly for a time in Alpha 3 it seemed fixed but from the reports has crept back for this Galaxy? So a re emergent bug is a touch more troubling (for the DEVs first of all I am sure!)

I think your option of a “/Stuck” command is an excellent one and I hope could be brought in ASAP (right after Alliance 1.0 & Fleet formations revisited!) @joe please mention this excellent idea to the Dynamic Duo at your earliest chance!

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I think when the game cannot process the position of the fleet it puts it at 0/0 orbital coordinates, thus inside the planet and stuck. Any kind of error may crash their “calculate position” function, so it’s probably not the same bug but a different one, it just has the same result.

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UPDATE: IDK how, but i bring scout, merged it with Destroyer that left in planet texture, than split Scout (he was still in planet texture visual), merged Destroyer with scout and than fleet become movable… maybe after splitting fleets Scout was in another coordinates than Destroyer that let it go

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Hey Who flagged this post as inappropriate? If you meant to hit “Like” and hit he wrong thing please recheck as I’m damned if I can see anything wrong with it:

Here it is again and you can all judge for yourselves; @joe @mel take a lookie here please when you get a moment?

Fixing the bug might take too long (and may be low on the to do list).

Modifying the fleet’s position probably requires someone with admin level to do it manually, and I bet there is no Customer Support hired right now (and don’t hire one, other devs are top priority).

However players being stuck gain “Unhappiness -0.3 / h”, and “GoOnForums +0.2 / h”, so leaving them like that for too long will have bad results.

I suggest they copy what many other games have done : a “check_position” console command (name differs, but the it’s the same mechanic). The “/stuck” command in many mmorpgs.

99% of the time it unstucks the player, who is then happy, and did not have to call CS for help, thus reducing the need for paid work hours. It’s a one time dev time investiment that has a very good return value as it might be used for years and helps both the players and the company.

Beware : such functions were often abused if the proper checks were not made : in mmorpgs to bypass walls and access places normaly not meant to, in pvp to gain abnormal moving ability. With a large enought player population, you can be sure that anything that can be exploited will be.

Zathabar : make it 4 reports. I had that once with a scout, and self-destructed it after trying a few classic things, collisions bugs are very common so I’m not surprised to see some here in a pre-beta.