Border sensor/alarm system


I was thinking about putting corvettes along my border with them all running cloak detectors. This would allow me to see anyone attempting to enter my little corner of space.

However, it occurred to me that a fleet moving at warp 7 could pass completely through the sensor range (even with T3 sensor) in under 2 hours. That means there’s huge gaps where someone could slip past unnoticed.

Can we get a new set of filters in the Galactic News for enemy activity. In there I should be able to see any contact had with an enemy fleet, along with the location, and enemy player and fleet name. If these messages are showing up in Galactic News already they’re getting lost in the hundreds of messages I get.

Ideally, I’d like to see a better system than having to leave fleets spread around the perimeter of my empire. I know there was talk of something like that for alliances, but it sounds like that’s a long way off.


Something like remote sensor probes would be interesting, but the game has issues with to many objects.


I prefer it as it is. Upgrade your sensors and place fleet strategically for coverage. Taking a chance to slip a fast fleet through, or being rewarded for a well planned route is also good.


I would divide the reporting system into actual reports and a push notification system. Reports should contain only important information, such as, for example, the battle that occurred, or information about the disappearance of the population, and so on. A push notifications must be accompanied by additional information. Such as: a laid route for the fleet, supply and unloading of resources to the planet and so on.

Reports should be stored and displayed in the main menu until the player reads them. Push notifications-just appear as prompts and disappear after a few seconds and are not stored in memory.


Sensors aren’t cloak detectors.


Cloak detectors are limited for a reason, anyone planning an invasion should be able to evade you with good planning or good luck. Don’t cloak detectors consume olzine too? Securing a border with them would be very resource and labour intensive.

UI changes to allow filtering on alerts wouldn’t be a bad thing though.


The issue is that its too intensive to secure your borders.

Because of limitations, your force projection is super limited.

You have to:

  1. Protect from Pirates stealing resources, attacking unarmed ships, or small fleets in your territory. Pirates are twice, maybe even 2.5x more dangerous than A2. This forces you to have some quick reaction forces per cluster.

  2. You have to have some kind of PvP forces at home, because they work in conjunction with Orbital defenses to make for a better overall defense.

  3. You have to secure your borders. This just means border makers, as well as early detection systems.

  4. You will need both minelayers and minesweepers in case you are attacked.

  5. Attacking someone else, you need support fleets, attack fleets, invasion fleets, bombing fleets.

We actually don’t realistically have enough slots to do all of this well. Some can make the argument that this is strategic choice, however, the strategy should be in how you deploy these units.

This is why I have been advocating for awhile now that SINGLE fleets of Scouts and Corvettes without any additional ships should have their own Secondary cap. As a matter of fact, perhaps we should just have 2 caps, 1 cap for 2+ ships in a fleet, and a second cap for individual ships. This would allow a good bit of lee way that we need.


What if instead we implemented mechanics to allow a few ships of the same fleet to leave the flagship’s radius still bound as part of the fleet?


That, or perhaps the fleet limit should be on patrolling fleets, and each space station can support an orbital defence fleet.

Make the fleet limit an open space command and control limit instead. That way you still have to choose where you leave an opening in order to intercept. You don’t have to choose whether to leave worlds undefended though. Tier of station would govern planetary defence fleet size.


Cheatle is 100% correct.

As a syntis player I have a 72 fleet cap. If I leave one fleet per planet for defense that’s 36 fleets. I also have one small in-system transport fleet to shift population/resources. I’m currently managing 7 systems with multiple planets, so that brings my fleet total to 43. I have four long haul transport fleets, so that a total of 47. Add in 6 scout fleets and we’re at 53. If I wanted to put ships around my border with connecting sensor ranges that’s another 20 fleets, so I’m up to 73 fleets. If I then want some rapid response fleets, and some more big muscle fleets. We’re up to 81 fleets. I don’t have invasion fleets, mine sweepers, etc.

I think we need another mechanism for balancing fleets. Perphaps allow us to build ships without warp engines, just impulse. That would allow my 43 fleets that should never leave a planet to not count against the fleet cap. (We’d also need a way to move this fleets to systems without a starbase, so maybe add some sort of hanger bay module to freighters that would allow you to carry a ship)

Or give us a better option for for perimeter defense. That way we don’t waste a fleet.

Or make orbit defense better so I’m not stuck leaving a combat fleet at every planet.


Honestly, I do not like the planet or fleet cap. I would like to play a galaxy for months and find the limitation on my empire size a motivation to not even bother trying.
I believe in softcaps, so something like every planet after 36 has their tax income and production significantly slowed. Similarly with fleets, have every fleet after 100 cost twice as much to produce. So if you rich you can still continue building, but the average player will only go to cap.


So unbalanced and biased to the rich players. No thanks. And as for fleets and planet caps it comes down to what the servers can support for objects. In A2 it was shown to be a big problem with unlimited fleets and planets.


What is unbalanced? And who are the rich players?

I’m still not sold on the cap, but between server load, and concerns around the snowballing growth or big players I can see the reason behind it. In A2 I collected planets. If it looked like I could get a colony to grow there, then I’d set one up. Back when deep mining worked everywhere there was no reason not to colonize a planet.

The current limits seem a bit heavy, but it also makes the game more strategic. I skips planets now that I would have taken in A2. I’ve already ditched a few planets because I found better. With the fleet cap it also prevents me from spreading too thin.

The issue right now is finding balance. I can’t field enough fleets to properly maintain and protect my empire while also going out and warring. I fear that this will result in me building a strong empire, and then never leaving the borders. Eventually each planet will be fully populated, and sitting right at the edge of a labor shortage. All buildings will be T3, and I’ll have the max number of fleets, and they’ll all be full. So the devs do need to come up with an endgame idea.

Back to the original topic though, I think having some method of creating a perimeter without wasting too many fleets would free up enough slots for a decent set of war fleets.


Was my observation in regards to werwortmann’s comment.


With A2 > A3

In A2 we had no limits on fleets, or planets, and we could have 2-6 million people PER planet, with around 500k to 1 million people enough for what most people wanted.

In A3 we have limits on planets for max populations AND growth factors, we have limits on fleets, we have limits on planets.

Instead of a gradual thing, we just got limited on every aspect.

We need rolling caps, where we are capped, then take effort to get passed it, but it can be done, and opens up more room. This way people can gauge their own effort. We can not, and should not, base this game on casual players ability to take things. I mean this in the context of a time sync, if you can only play 1-2 hours a day on average (maybe 3-4 on the weekends) then you should take awhile to start hitting your first caps. For those that are dedicated, they should be able to overcome caps at their own pace. However we also need the ability in place to curtail people that play 24/7 and could possible wipe out swaths of people eventually (snowballing).

It will come down to some kind of balance.

Perhaps the answer is going to be starbases.

Allowing you to claim systems, borders, and defend areas with short range fleets (like Sins of a Solar Empire, Star Wars Empire at War, and other games that allow for fleets to be stationed per system/per starbase).

Here is a short list of what we need >

  1. Science must be curtailed to provide a better overall pace and experience.
  2. Science gates must be properly implemented. The shipyard techs all need to be heavily increased by multiple factors to help facilitate this.
  3. Instead of caps, we need some sort of rolling caps.
  4. We need flexibility with fleets, perhaps a primary cap (fleets), secondary cap (individual ships), and stationed fleets that are attached to certain locations/buildings.
  5. We need a reason to capture systems from other people without needing more and more colonies.
  6. We need more reasons to attack others, positive reasons, not re balanced or retconned reasons that shift how we get certain resources, but fun reasons or strategic reasons.
  7. We need more fluff and lore in the game to explain that 1 colonists actually equals about 1000 people, and that 1 hour equals 6 months of in game time. We also need more information for planets like the intimidate max population. We need more information and fluff/lore in general for immersion and decision making.
  8. We need alliance features
  9. We need alliance goals
  10. We need the ability to enter a galaxy and play within 100-500 LY of our friends. We really need the galaxy split up into 500 by 500 LY sector squares, with better maps, and borders.


How about fighters without the ability to leave orbit?


I’m all for something like this.

I think the current orbit defense is a joke. It’s easily exploited by a single scout causing the gun to fire, and enter cooldown for 20 minutes, leaving the planet exposed. I think we should have more options for defense. I’d posted a suggestion Orbit defense change that was to simply change the orbit defense from a single shot to multiple 100 damage shots (the number fired being whatever totals up to the damage output of the orbit defense system). That was intended as a more simple fix. Personally, I like the idea of being able to place orbital weapon platforms, fighters, and shields. All things that would be anchored to that planet, but must be defeated before an invasion can start.

The current mechanic is to leave a fleet in orbit around every planet, but that could literally be half of my total fleet cap, which seriously impacts my ability to do other things.

On the topic of rolling caps or soft caps, my thought would be to add a repeating research option. It would add something like 1 colony, 2 fleets, or reduce corruption by 0.5. The research would be repeatable, but the research time would increase by 25% compounding each time. It would still limit growth, but not put a hard cap on.