Booted, now stuck in Authorization Verification

Game crashed, I logged back in, was in about 5 min, it booted me again, now it is stuck in the Authorization check.

Same thing here. Completely Locked out of the game as the screen gets to “Performing Authorization” then stops there for the last 15 minutes. Normally it takes less than a minute

@Joe @Mel Does the server need a kick or is the hamsters on strike?

Edit 17 Min in and its moved to “Connecting to Server” so there is some communication between client and server…

30 Mins still “Connecting to server” time for me to go to work oh well. Good luck de bugging this one :slight_smile:


Sorry for this inconvenience. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for this report.

@mel @joe yep its fixed - well at least getting past the authourisation screen. I got past that and it was loading planets, then loading fleet I think and droppped out - ‘Lost connection to server’. Now when I try all I get is the ‘connecting to server’ and then nothing. Ping to is 321ms, ping is 325ms

The problem should be fixed now.

Thank you for your patience.


all good thanks @mel. appreciate the prompt efforts

Stuck again logging on - on the Authorization check.

@mel @joe stuck at ‘connecting to server’ stage yet again. It also took a lot longer at the authorisation stage.

Also stuck at ‘connecting to server’

me as well, stuck too

Mee toooo! Same as before when i try to just take a quick look see whats what before going to work. o from my perspective something is happening server side overnight.

I suspect an overflow someplace thats stacking up during the day and not flushing properly??

Hello friends,

We will fix this soon. Sorry for all the trouble.

This problem has been solved. We will continue to investigate it further.


@joe @mel stuck again

yep still stuck - this is getting a little bit too commonplace this last week :frowning:

Still seeing the stuck at “Performing Authorization” screen on startup.

I did get past that and into the game for a few minutes a couple hours ago, only to be kicked for connection dropped, so it has not been a consistent problem or fix.