Bombardment / invasions

Okay, apparently I can’t figure out how to do either of these. I’m even going against the supposedly defenseless off line player, I suspect abandoned players planets. My orbital ships are destroyed before they can perform a bombardment. they are knocked down almost 25% just entering orbit around the planets. I put more than one fleet around the planet and they still can’t survive long enough to perform the bombardment. The invasions starts and simply disappears. As my opponents destroy and invade my planets with utter ease even when I have superior forces I can only assume I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve been an active player, I’m told on previous posts that the invasions work just like they should. I get no notice when my invasions disappear, I get no notice that the orbital defenses are destroying my ships in orbit, I can’t bombard before my ships are destroyed. The mechanics of these processes aren’t clear for me at least, and will ultimately be reason to quit playing if I can’t figure out how to make them actually work. It takes days to get enough troops to do the invasion as I’m apparently not good at figuring out how to jack up production like the number crunching players.

Need some details here… how many ODS does your target planet have, and what level are they? What tier strike cannons are you using? How much armor do you have on your bombers?

I have limited experience on this but it seems quite simple. The defending planets have Orbital Defence Systems (ODS) which do either 100 damage or 150 damage, depending of the type, each three minutes to every single ship in one select fleet.

The algorithm for how they select a fleet is not entirely clear to me but to beat this, all you need to do is to have fleets of ships that have more than ten times 100/150 damage (i.e. 30 minutes which is the time it takes to bombard a planet) as it seems that every ODS targets a different fleet, assuming there are more fleets than ODS.

Most cruisers can get more than 3000 armor so then the defenders actually need two ODS for every bomber fleet. So just bring or split your fleets so you have more fleets in orbits than the number of ODS and the ODS will do max 1500 damage and it wont be able to destroy a single ship.

For invasions you don’t need to care, just make sure that either the ODS are on cooldown or that your invasion fleet can take one volley from the ODS, drop your troops and withdraw from orbit. The ODS will kill a large amount of your troops before they land, which is probably why you are losing the invasion.

However I don’t see much reason to invade a colony as you will likely be close to your soft cap anyway. At mid-late game where I had 20 bomber fleets I could just go from planet to planet and bomb them to oblivion without losing anything as it seems rare for a planet to have more than 20 ODS although certainly possible as I heard some guy putting over 100 ODS on a planet. Then, once the colony is destroyed, I just bring freighters to take any resources.

A few things to keep in mind for bombardment

  • Losc 1&2 aren’t really quick enough to be effective when the planet has ODS

I’d recommend going after losc 3 or higher

  • some players like to split their fleet when bombarding a planet to split the dmg, since an ODS does 100-150 dmg to every ship in a single fleet

As for invasions

  • you should get a notification that your troops have landed (even a cut screen video is shown)
  • if the planet has ods it’ll tell you how many troops did you lose and how many survived
  • and finally a countdown timer will appear above the planet’s name
    (it’ll disappear once you leave orbit, but it’ll still be there until it hits zero)

however sometimes when you lose you don’t get a notification, there is a bug regarding that (I think it’s already been fixed but I don’t remember and I haven’t invaded in a while)

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That’s only true for tier 5 OSC, or orbital bombers (which are tech-expensive).

OSC timers:
T1: 60
T2: 55
T3: 50
T4: 45
T5: 30

Yeah but I play on the Awaken server and I never saw any point in using any lower tier OSC. I guess on the Main servers things are different.

There maybe an extremely niche reason to use a low tier, but you usually want the higher ones… No one likes leaving their fleet in orbit for an hour while it twiddles its thumbs…

Teeo was clarifying that if Jamaro is using t1, his ships probably arent living long enough vs the ODS…

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I have no idea how many ods the target planet has, I have no idea how to figure that out, I don’t recall seeing any information on that. I had 13 T3 ship I had added armor and added ripchee shields to the ships. something like 1900 and sheilds were something behind that. I was utilizing the top people bombardment, which of course didn’t matter as I never got to make it to the bombardment. I had a second fleet of ships with 7 or 8 battle ships and another 8 cruisers which I assumed would take some of the flack I was hoping my ship would last until it could attack. Bear in mind I don’t know that anything is incorrect it how its working, I’m simply pointing out that figuring out how it works isn’t clear to me. The community has been kind enough to reach out and they will see if the can help out an old relic figure out how it works. Hate to think I’m the only player having difficulties figuring out the mechanics, but maybe I am.

every single ship had the best losc in the game 2 of them, had added armor, added ripchee shields, never got to fire them before I was destroyed. As it seems all my fleets were hit by the same damage its the best ship I can build I have no hope of bombarding the planet. As for my invasion I got the video saying my troops have been dropped, the counter showed I left orbit the counter was still there. A short time latter the counter disappeared and the next day after the drop is suppose to land no further information. No report of any invasion results. All I can guess is I’m doing something wrong.

Thx yamota I’ll give that a try, though will take a long time to build that sort of fleets.

Okay, looking at the planet I attacked while I have no message other than I landed troops. I now appear to have ownership of the planet. Makes me feel silly but I’ve gone all through my messages and nothing in there about my attack being successful. I know my bombarding ship was destroyed. there were apparently 5 ods there. with the feed back on how the work I have a better idea how to go about dealing with them. Not sure why the countdown disappears for the attacker, I know as the defender it ominously counts down the attack the whole way.

Good luck and you can see how many ODS, and their cooldown timer, when you orbit a planet. Just like your own planets. Basically bombers need to be high armor cruisers and if there is more than one ODS then you should split your fleets so you always have more fleets in orbit than there are ODS.

And yeah, I think the invasion thing is not very informative as I have both successfully and un-successfully invaded planets and in both cases I did not get any invasion results or any information at all.

I learned all about bombing planets on Main One after most of the people had quit. Went on a bombing campaign exterminating former enemies just for fun.

It sounds like you’ve figured out / been told most of what happens, but I’ll put together something quick:

Each ODS fires at one fleet. Each fleet consists of one ship (or more). Tier 1 ODS does 100 / 3 minutes, Tier 2/3 ODS does 150 / 3 minutes.

So if you have 5 ODS, and at least 5 fleets (of at least one ship each), that’s how much total armor you will need to survive. Shields are meaningless. With T5 OSC, that’s 30 minutes (plus time to move out of orbit), so 1,000 damage from T1, 1,500 damage from T2. Per ship in each fleet that gets hit.

Very reasonable goals whatever race you are.

But, as has been said, if there are more ODS than you have fleets, the ODS double up (or worse) and you start losing ships. I heard someone had over 100 ODS on one planet on the speed server… good luck with that.

Hope that helps a little.

Oh, and notifications for pretty much everything have big problems, on all the servers. That’s a known problem that still hasn’t been fixed.

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I have had odd bugs on Orbital Bombardment, so there is that chance that you have had the same. Luckily it all seems to be working ok for me at the moment.

For troops, make a planet that is just for producing troops, level the barracks up to level 3 and build as many as you can,but make sure you would have enough pop left on the planet after filling up troop carriers.