Bombardment - again

Same fleet I have used at least 3 times on Homeworlds (with the stronger ODS), now used on a colonised planet with one ODS. It killed one of the ships and worst thing my fleet did not fire (I assume as one ship was destroyed).

I can only think it is a bug that my fleet did not fire, and it had full ammo and HP. Btw this fleet was almost completely destroyed, even Homeworld has not done this. Thanks.

Did the bombing countdown continue after the ship was destroyed? e.g.

  • Fleet was ordered to bomb and countdown begins
  • One of the bombers in the fleet is destroyed by an ODS
  • The countdown continues but when it reaches 0 no shot is fired (assuming another ship in the fleet had bombing capability and ordnance)
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Hi, it was just as you mentioned. Yes, the countdown continued after the ship was destroyed. When the countdown hit zero, nothing happened. All ships were full health and full ammo at the start. Thanks.