Blog: Why we need to launch on Steam Early Access

Hi everyone,

We have exciting news - Outscape will be launching on Steam Early Access later this month (expected October 22nd).

We’ve put together a long blog post for you all explaining why and what this means. It also includes some background story about the people behind Outscape, and that now more than ever we need your support :slight_smile:

Please let us know below if you have any questions.

Outscape on Steam Early Access:


Good to hear!!!


I think the best way to go is the early access. I personally would not buy this game as it is, but knowing you guys need support, i would re consider. I think an investor would be great but like you said they might push for a pay to win game. You will just have to get lucky and find the right person. But if you do get an investor and he does go for ptw it would be disappointing but in the end i would understand. The game needs help and im sure either the investor or the early access would work. Though i feel with the early access people will be disappointed, as im paying for an unfinished game, its like buying half of a cake. I would love to see this game succeed but its gonna take a hard decision with what youre going through. If it ends up pay to win alot of people will quit but with a finished game you would gain more people. Just my opinion though. Thanks for the update


I cant see anywhere to pay on the steam page? Goddamit I have been trying to give you money FOR DAMMIT YEARS Where to I sign!

Apart from that good post @joe @loopzilla @max @Monibius @Mel @ANYBODY ELSE I MISSED .

You silly buggers you’re stuck with me now, AND I doubt I am the only one! Should have done this last year instead of running yourself ragged worried if folks would like it!

Thank you for an early Christmas present!

EDIT: Put the “No Pay to Win” bullet higher up on the list so you don’t have to expand the about list to see it! :slight_smile:


Pay to win isn’t an option - in the post we probably didn’t word that strongly enough (as we have before).

At the moment you can only add it to your Steam Wishlist (we don’t have the option to make preorder available).

Your support is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Yeah same…


Find a way to help us give you more funds… T-shirts, posters or whatever… I’d be up for some limited edition stuff…

It would be useful to know if the veteran galaxy will also be a perma-galaxy… and will it be the most prestigious… 2 perma galaxies could be a problem? We do need a least one galaxy that will live forever…

Also do you envisage once we are in EA, that all content and features will require migration into the perma galaxies or will they be rebooted at some point/periodically? guessing rebooted but still I’ll ask lol


@joe and team

First off thank you for your hard work. Second thank you for sticking to a no P2W policy.

As @DeicidE has said, if you can find other ways for us to contribute, please do.

Finally, this is a really important question, that wasn’t fully answered:

Those that don’t purchase the game right away, can they gain direct access to the Slot 2 Regular server? This is a big question that is probably going to impact a lot of the current guilds in game.

Also, the longevity of the servers are in question. Is the Regular server going to be the gold standard? while the Skirmish and Vet start over and over, OR is the Vet server where we want to be long term? All of these things influence how guilds are going to interact with the new servers.


After all the hours I have spent ingame I will buy this with pleasure. Looking forward to the future.

I think all galaxies should be restarted, just the timetable for each must be different. There nothing like a fresh wipe to get a boost in player interaction


I´m willing to pay $25. I´m also willing to add zeroes to that. How about a patreon or something?


@joe I would be more than happy to contribute towards the cost of the program as I have been trying it now for years. I have always had a problem with large up front costs. I am always happy to try a game that has a free to play for a period of time to see if I like it. If I do then I pay for it. Perhaps you could consider giving new people a free trial for a week or whatever. Just a thought.

The other option to raise funds is a low up front cost and then a subscription (say $5 per month). I would be happy to pay that and that will then cover your server costs (and show a handsome profit to boot)


I don’t think it will work. The only chance to make the project profitable is to revise Your principles and introduce a Free-to-play system

This is my preferred option as well. Admittedly we don’t have the masses of content as some well known FRPG type games have right now but that again $5/month is what 20% of what a sub to one of those would be or thereabouts? Perfectly fair for now.

Alternatively allow a free access to Skirmish Galaxies but you’d have to upgrade to a months sub to access Main & Veteran

I PM’d joe a similar question right after reading the post as well. I understand now why they sent out ALL their mailing list worth of keys… I recommend a follow up email to these folks explaining their Key will still work but only for the Standard Galaxy as per the blog post. It definitely needs to be spelled out unambiguously.

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Great! Hopefully as the game is able to generate more income, it will get better.

As far as ways to generate financial support outside of Steam Early Access, have you considered extra ship skins/colors or other cosmetic only changes in game that we can pay for? These are only cosmetic, but they would allow people to give Outscape more money while you too give them something in return.

Also, have you considered allowing people to pay for their name in the credits, or being able to submit an idea for a space anomaly/discovery, and then be able to write the background (with help) and tag their name to it? I know there are people in the community now (and there will be more) who would love to help you with contributing ideas. To stay true to the game, you have to be careful about what you allow in, but if people give you great ideas, perhaps let people pay and get credit for them. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, we appreciate the support. We’ll consider the options after the launch.

The Veteran galaxy will be an experimental galaxy. We’ll put up a wiki page clarifying the details/purpose of it and the other galaxies. But in brief, massively relaxing limits in the Veteran galaxy will suit experienced players that want to play with less limits, in an evironment that won’t degrade the performance of other galaxies (it will be on a separate server)., and what we learn/fix/improve can be used to benefit the other galaxies.

The Full (slot 2) will remain the premium Outscape experience. But while content and features are pending, some players may prefer to play in Skirmish (slot 1).

Yes, existing players will be able to join the Slot 2 Full game without purchasing (even if they still have the Pre-Beta galaxy active).

We’ll try to make it as clear for existing players as possible:

  • They can join the Full (Slot 2) game only (even if they have an open Pre-Beta game)
  • When this galaxy will be available (expected October 22nd)

Ship skins are something we expected to offer at some point, and your other suggestions are interesting. Something for us to keep in mind, we’ll see how the game performs on Early Access :slight_smile:

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Excellent! So last thing that occurred to me. Steam clients. Will the existing Demo/Pre-Beta client access the same Galaxies or upon purchase will Steam install a second “Early Access” Full Client ?

If an Alpha player elects not to buy the game early right away is it right to assume the Demo client still will be available and work for them, or is there some way to get the full client without paying but just have your Alpha access to the No2 slot Full Galaxy.

How will this work exactly?

My only concern is “too soon”. There is still no victory condition or apparent endgame. I suppose the idea is to top the scoreboard but we should probably have a discussion about what, exactly, we should be scoring (the existing categories could be better – e.g., I don’t think the maximum amount of money you have ever held is as useful of a measure as your current output per hour).

I worry that current limits on expansion plus no real endgame will result in a lot of bad Steam reviews. Granted if it’s that or death-by-lack-of-funds then I guess there’s no choice but to risk it.


We are just going to have to help by flooding them with 300-500 positive steam reviews, basically saying there is potential, give it a chance. That should help sales and the algorithm for more views. However, we are going to really need to post up more information everywhere, and try and get more people interested. Early Access is basically a regular launch, you just aren’t held to the same standards, and it tends to take a lot longer to really gain steam. No pun intended.


For some of us at least, the victory condition is just eliminating @Pepelekus from the leader board, but that probably shouldn’t be considered an official goal.

I think the economist score is current money, not the highest you’ve ever had, but I haven’t paid that much attention to it recently. Current revenue stream would be more meaningful, but it isn’t really a fair comparison between Syntis and the Organic races.

There are threads all over the forums about the leaderboards, probably more appropriate places to get into this, as it’s been discussed at length.

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I think this is extremely important galaxy in that respect. To be able to push the envelope of what is possible will certainly let us explore where we need limitations and where we dont. I will likely spend more time here for that purpose.

Private galaxies : I think a small private galaxy could be part of the initial fee and those can be renewed annually from dark orbs… There could also be private servers that are billed via dark orbs on a monthly basis… these would be much larger galaxies and allow more than say 10 people to join, invite only or whatever… the AWS ec2/containers would be managed/created/destroyed automatically via API… This could offload the burden of AWS resources onto the player base more directly… the community could then drive competitions and events whereby prizes could be available outside outscape for winners…

It could be that an extremely relaxed galaxy could be private and permanent and funded by dark orbs on a subscription basis… players that wish to stay would need to spend orbs… This could even be a super perm galaxy… or a perm galaxy migrated to this model such that if players want a galaxy to persist forever then this would be the migration path…

Something to think about…