Blog: UFO - Friend or Foe + Patch Preview

Hi everyone,

I’ve just posted this on the blog:

As well as details of next week’s patch, there’s a section on ‘Extending scanner visibility’.

We saw the suggestion about extending scanner visibility to display the owner of a UFO if you have a treaty with them and thought about taking it a step further:

Scanners should detect the owner of a UFO (a UFO is a fleet in scanner range but not sensor range).

  • Intel on the fleet itself (e.g. the ships and their configuration) will remain unavailable until the fleet is in sensor range (as it works now)
  • As you would know the owner of the fleet, if you have a treaty with them the fleet will be coloured green

Because it would give players the opportunity to interact with each other sooner. And in early game the sensor range of ship scanners is quite tight, so you almost have to intercept a fleet just to find out who the owner is.

Please let us know here if you like the idea or have any concerns with it.


You had me at :

Exploration history : you’ll finally be able to see previously explored stars and planets when they are no longer in range of your scanners.

Great patch: Any news on formal in game alliances though (You knew I was gonna say that right?) :slight_smile: Still very good work and appreciated!


Loving the patch ideas, however, this is could greatly increase the number of contacts in your private message window.

Is the fix for rogue message warnings being added with this patch? Will contacts that have reset be removed? Additionally, are you planning any Quality of Life upgrades for the private messages that will allow us to better manage our contacts?


I like it :+1:I think its a great addition

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I assume it’d also identify pirates?

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All for UFO listing the owners name and being color coded

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As someone who has travelled a bit of the galaxy going to find this rather helpful, nice addition to the game. Friend or Foe is obviously useful as well have lots of traffic in my area, so good to know who it is

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Great patch. But I would prefer only knowing nap’d players ownership. In war I want the few minutes of doubt that a ufo status provides. In war intel is very important and the fog of war is very usefull


It’s another plus for cloaked sabers fleets…


Not wrong but still CYNIC :wink:

Why exactly? I mean an allies IFF would be logged and picked up as Friendly (non hostile) but all others including pirates are unknown till in sensor ranges surely?

That’s not how I understood it.

Scanners should detect the owner of a UFO (a UFO is a fleet in scanner range but not sensor range).

I like it. It only shows the owner; no further details are revealed.

I hope we take it steps further later with false flags.

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Not how I understood it
It’d show you the name of the player
Flagship level and how many ships are in the fleet
But you can’t actually see what they are or stuff like that
And if that player has a treaty with you they’d be green

Not at the moment, but… I do expect to have an update for you next week on the plans to soften the current expansion limitations.

The false message count hasn’t been fixed yet. Is it something you are seeing very frequently?

I’ll find out what happens when a private message contact resets/quits. Ideally you’d see a status message on their chat window saying they have and have the option to delete the chat. We weren’t planning to get back to private chat just yet, but if the community feels strongly that we need to we could bump its priority?


The idea was to just show the owner’s name (not flagship level or number of ships in the fleet).


It seems to be something triggered. I have been playing with it, trying to work out the problem & from my rough experience what I see…

When you have the Universe Chat window open, so that you see a summary of chats & contacts, it seems to be relatively common for the contacts to display incorrectly. I’ll usually see this several times a day, especially if I am looking out for it. For instance, I have 10 contacts, but in recent days, that will occasionally display as only 3. 5 of my contacts have a chat log, 1 of those has definitely restarted (I have their homeworld), but still is in my contacts & was in my NAP list after they reset until I manually removed them.

When the contacts are incorrectly displayed, if I go into the Private Message window, then most of my chat histories are not being displayed correctly - the log will cut off at some random point, rather than displaying the whole of the log. If you scroll the chat using the scrollbar at the right, it will all reappear. Please note that this incorrectly displayed chat can occur at any time, but only seems to trigger the false messages if the number of contacts seen via the Universe Chat window is wrong.

It seems that the more chats you scroll, the more frequent the false message warnings you receive until you log out - certainly a full logout clears it, I am not certain about dropping to lobby.

I believe it may be possible, but much rarer, to receive a message warning without the above process, but going through that when you see those missing contacts always seems to set it off (from limited attempts).


I like it all! how it is especially that it just shows a name

I’d be interested in commentary regarding world swapping / double population bonus.

As it stands, either it’s an unintended effect scheduled to be fixed or “we intend all players to swap populations with their nearest neighbor as soon as possible. Only an incredible newbie would not be swapping all of their planet populations with a random stranger or alt account right now.”

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Great patch. Happy to see it.

If duel population is intended. Then I am one step closer to quitting.

War is extremely expensive! Peace amongst friend / Clans / Alliances is to easy. In my eyes, this is an Exploit. Plain and simple.

The game can’t be a true 4 X game with it, as it stands. Exploit Duel Population, but can’t really Exterminate the millions on those Duel Population planets???


*Dual. *too easy.

It’s been around since Alpha 2, and they broke the ability to colonize planets with 2 populations on them, for whatever reason.

They’re fixing that.

It is to easy if you have allies to trade with. How many of the top syntis players inherited a secondary population complete with all the buildings to make organics happy while avoiding the need to build the gimped versions they have access to. The entire dual population system needs to be reworked. There are ways to exploit it as it stands.


That’s why I think it was just a short-sighted feature.

Intended uses:

  • You legitimately beat back an enemy and invade their planet. Score!
  • You browbeat a neighbor into surrendering a planet to avoid further war. Score!

How people actually use it:

  • “Hey buddy you take all my planets and I’ll take all your planets and then we’ll swap out and have more money than god.”

coughexploitcough Either way, it’s too powerful really, but if you fully exploit it then money becomes meaningless.