Blog: Softening Expansion Limits

Hi everyone,

In this post we take a look at the upcoming features on the way to help soften expansion limits: Independent Colonies and Space Docks. Let us know what you think below, thanks :slight_smile:


Also fantastic content
@joe Can we also have space docks repair ships at the same rate as shipyards

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@joe, can we get a confirmation of how many players need 100k for the veteran server to go up.
I would love to play the above features on a fresh server, so just wondering if that is possible given current leaderboard standings


Lookin’ Good mr Mainbrace!

Please can we name some leaders Mr @joe Pretty pleases!

Also: Alliances? This is good but NOT the number one issue. I mean I like the reserve a planet idea but still roll on full alliances! I think you’ll find that solves many many more new player complaints & questions…

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I would suggest “Praetor” instead of leader.

re: “Leader” title, it could be race specific.
Mankind: Governor
People’s Realm: Administrator
Ripchee: …cat herder?
Syntis: Master Controller
Snakes: ???

re: Space docks
We should definitely be able to see into them. Maybe there should even be some way to lock down an enemy dock. Not sure I like the idea that I have no idea what’s going to pop out or when [what happens if we capture a planet with docked fleets?]. At the very least, I think we should be able to see fleet launch times from the dock, provided we have a line of sight into the system. Like hovering over a planet nameplate shows docked fleets and any launch times. The idea being that docking up fleets is an intel disadvantage for the person doing it. That’s the tradeoff for being able to potentially hide away entire armadas.

There should also be a dock-up timer. Here comes the enemy armada! I’m going to lose the space battle but I know they can’t take my planet because they didn’t bring enough troops. Poof! My armada docks up, neener neener?

re: play with friends
I like the implementation. You have yet to address the various exploits around players swapping planets for dual populations and the problems this causes. I feel like you’re ignoring the discussion at this point. Are we really supposed to fire up alt accounts to do pop swaps on all our colonies? That’s the meta at this point.


RipChee have Co-Ordinators ? Snithereal have (nest) Manipulators ?

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Play with friends. So we will be able to spawn alt account 90% landmass syntis home-worlds right near any planet we hold with a main account? Sooo… We then take down defenses to trade it away. Then reset the alt and in five days do it again? So buy 6 accounts and feed yourself every day… When you are maxed out build independent colonies or boost friends? Going to need some heavy handed limits as that’s looking very exploitable…


I would hope that the trade-off of giving a friend a planet is that it does not get the usual terraforming treatment turning it into a “homeworld”. If they want to spawn near you, you give them a world and that’s the world they get, as-is. On the upside, you could give them a world with natives so that they spawn into an awesome planet. But they get what you give them.

Come to think of it, friends spawned this way should also not get a T3 ODS. Hell yeah I’d like to invite my alt account into the game 30 times and make every planet I own have a 75% resistance to invading troops for free…


would it be possable for a toggle if the independent can build or decon buildings

Space Docks
" … enable you to keep fleets safer from other fleets attacking them and add more tactical depth to the game. … "

How ?

re :- See into docks. Perhaps a re-searchable cloaking tech specifically for docks ?

Perhaps there should be a cap to the number of ships/fleets which can dock at any given lvl of dock. research higher caps.

That is-took another step to turn the game into a full-fledged farm-sandbox. Bravo! Instead of thinking about how to make sure that the fleets are not accumulated, and used for their intended purpose (in war and battle), you just decided to increase the allowable number of fleets.

Yeah, idk how I feel about these changes … Ill think on it some more and post my thoughts on this later but at the moment im not liking these changes.

Also, while im glad to finally see the “Play with Friends” thing, the fact that anyone can create a second account and just spawn within safe borders … it could have severe consequences. God help us when trading becomes a thing.

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What Slamz said. Race specific is the way to go, for sure. The more immersion and ways the races feel different, even in smaller ways, the better.

If that’s a pain to implement, “Governor” is probably the most acceptable catch-all for what this role does.

Slamz’ three suggestions are fitting. As for the other two:

Ripchee, “Prince” could work well. First, the leader of a lion pride is referred to as a king, but king seems a bit much - so prince will do. Also prince evokes the thought of rogueish pirate princes and whatnot, at least for me, and living up the lavish life which the Ripchee do love with all their precious loot.

“Overlord” seems appropriate for the snakes.

First going to start with i look forward to the independent colonies. However there seems to be some glaring issues with the outlined plan.

First it seems to counterdict what was said about alpha2. This will lead to players having hundreds of Independent Colonies, which surely wont be easy on the servers, and will be alot of micromanagement. There would be the micromanagement of trying to take control of the planets from the ai, and “Fixing” them, because lets face it, no mater how good the ai is people will find faults in it. Then there the issue of getting beron to all the planets.

Next there is the issue of syntis planet cap and war. If people have 100 planets with Independent Colonies, how can syntis realistically invade when invasions auto fail if they hit their cap.

Then ship cap becomes an issue. When you control a larger space, your going to need more transports and mine layers. Syntis 74 fleet cap already feels crippling when you need to spend so much of it on mine sweepers and layers. I understand there needs to be a limit, but this seems rough I assume organics are in the same boat, unless their fleet command stations will work on Independent Colonies).

Here is a alternate idea that the very least could be food for thought. Throw out the idea of ai, and instead drastically simplify Independent Colonies. Have only 2 things matter on a Independent Colonies, its population and its colony level.

Population doesn’t increase or decrease by itself. Instead players can ship population to the planets, and unload them. But the player cannot load population from the planet, only offload. This serves as a way to limit growth, as the player will need city worlds for pop growth

Colony level is a simplification of total infrastructure built. Have it cost alot of beron and take 24hrs per level (or some sort of scaling build time). This would become the beron sink for mid/late game, and should be very expensive. (players should be able to queue up multiple lvls at once)

For every 100k pop and 1 colony level the planet has 1 of each mines. At 500k and lvl5 you get +1 fleet cap, and same at 1m and lvl10. At some colony level all mines switch to t3 deep mines. Also minor tax income, but unsure how much per lvl. (and of course some mechanic so you can’t just colonize an unlivable world with out terraforming)

Also have any conquered planets either auto convert to this or have a ui option to auto convert so you can have many invasions going on at once. A conquered planet would total the beron invested in buildings and then convert it to a colony lvl that matches it. (ideally save the the existing infrastructure so if the other player takes it back he can have their old infrastructure)

Assuming automation update will allow for some way to automate the movement of resources from colonies to main planets, there would only be a tiny bit of micromanagement for colonies. In theory would be alot easier on the servers. The costs of building colonies could be set high to both limit growth and give the player something to work towards. Also gives a reason for war, as conquering planets becomes valuable.

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You do know that any accumulation of force is necessary for a battle right? Sending ships in one by one is not a battle, it’s wasteful suicide.

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The problem is that the game makes no sense. And by and large there is no sense in war. So you can accumulate your powers endlessly.

Until someone comes along and bombs you. I’m currently in a 2 front war, one of which is because the other guy wants to limit my expansion so I don’t claim the worlds he wants.

Just because you are not in a war does not mean others are not fighting.

PS: For titles, the British use to call these kind of guys Viceroys.

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I’m thinking this won’t be a big problem. The use-case I see is that I colonize a planet for resources, build it up myself a bit and then hand it over to the AI. I shouldn’t ever have to take control of it again and fix it because really it was a throw-away planet. If the AI wants to sit there and deep-mine that 18% density beron, I don’t mind. I would have just unpopulated the planet but now I can let the AI handle it and occasionally drive by and pick up stuff.

Say, I wonder if we can pick up troops from an AI planet… I would make a bunch of “troop worlds”. Put like 50-100 military bases on it and hand it to the AI and then drive by whenever I need more troops…

AI worlds won’t count against the cap so it solves our problem too. Need to capture an enemy planet? Turn one of your planets into an Independent Colony and there’s your new slot. Much easier than the current method, which is I have to pick a planet to evacuate.

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Also what happens if you lose a planet and there are ships still in the space dock?

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