Blog: Q1 2019 Outscape Roadmap & Survey Findings



Thank you for further intigrating gameplay communications toward Discord!



Very good indeed. I know I am an irritating old Booger (as we say here in Norfik) but I am Outscapes irritating old Booger (Yes yes I know some of you want that title - I said it first!) Right behind you guys, there good stuff here and a rare community that even when we disagree we keep it civil 95%+ of the time. That is SO refreshing!

Keep on keeping on @DEVS I believe the whole community is willing to work with you (as long as we get an idea now and again where your going LOL!)



@joe @mel

“there are a bunch of other things we plan to do, but this post is already very long”

Future reference, type until your fingers bleeeeed… then you’re close to being long enough…

Thanks for the update… Much appreciated.



Thank you guys for being responsive and communicative!

This stuff looks amazing, and can’t wait for pretty much all of it!

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@joe @mel maintaining communication with your player base is very important (after all it will be your income soon!) and all these posts are really helpful and keep us interested in the game. I appreciate that recently there hasnt been much - it was some sort of holiday celebrations - and there was a lack of it but all is forgiven :-)))




Its Q2…so where are we at?

In particular progress on the final main piece missing…alliance/friend features…

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Good point… I know what I (hope) next blog will include.

I get there has been other stuff going on Bugs glitches & Bitches (A New film coming this fall on A. Prime) but even so, even the most minimal progress on this will be applauded and welcomed.