Blog: Pre-Beta galaxy closing to new players & other news

Hi everyone,

The next patch should be here on Monday (with treaties), plus:

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Hmm treaties already good job those men!

Fair enough about the closing of the Galaxys. Why did you make it so small I wonder considering the sizes of previous ones : No matter not important now.

Now that Treaty framework i done may we clamour for “whats next please” However Good job and thank you!


Will players be able to reset and get back into pre beta?

I’ll double check with the devs, but my guess is they won’t be able to (which is far from ideal). Maybe there’s a quick fix where a closed/100% full galaxy has a reserved X spawn slots to allow for this (reserved for players that already joined and need to respawn).

I’d hope when the game is released this wouldn’t be an issue, after all I will pay you money to play. So better to deal with it now than later.

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I just was reading this and though I’m not very active in game at the moment, if you are going to suicide the game then why is anyone bothering to test it? I’d suggest re evaluating this and fixing it while you still have time. A comment like this will surely drive away not only potential buyers, but your entire testing crew as well.


Will a new galaxy open shortly-ish after the this one closes? I think having galaxies readily available to new players is a good idea even if some are small or short lived.

Maybe it is good enough to have a count down timer towards a new one?

This one just opened? Now they’re going to shut it down. Why mess with it again?

I cannot believe we are already talking of “the next Galaxy”

While I do get it that those that have stayed playing this far are at a plateau already the games pace is still off whack I know as the No lifers and cleaver players have raced ahead (Go ahead pick the epithet that suits :slight_smile: ) The late arrivals and those that elected to reset are left in the dust…

Folks that elect to reset or are effectively forced into it if one of the big fish elects to roll over them will need a proper reset option!

Roll on the next patch and hopefully a little behind that Alliances 1.0

We are still in Alpha folks (don’t give me that “Pre Beta” fiction puhlease!) This is NOT A FULL GAME YET. Maybe a third of one but no more than that. Bear with it please:

We still need

  • Alliances
  • Proper combat (both in space and planetary)
  • Reasons to explore (Stella Phenomena random boosts missions etc)
  • Reasonable amount of further automation of common tasks (Scouting a system for example)
  • Meaningful trade mechanics
    *etc there is loads to do but just to gallant guys doing it

Hang on in there folks the best is yet to come.

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May as well setup a win condition for pre beta and move onto pre beta two with a much larger map. I’ll say it again that the A3 sized map should be considered small. You can’t have a long term game if you run out of space. And inactive are losing home worlds at a steady rate and potentially won’t be able to restart now. That’s not a good look to the players if they try to return.

And home world system consistency and starting locations still need improvement.

@Zathabar @WarMongers

Agree with both of you.

We need a lot more content, polish, and mechanics that work, as well as older mechanics that worked well…and a LARGER MAP.

It’s not being shut down. It will continue as normal, but new players won’t be able to join it.

I’m waiting to hear back from the devs if it will be possible for players that get game over/reset to re-spawn into the galaxy if it’s full/closed to new players (if it can be expanded again or extra space generated another way).

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Be Kinda pointless if they can’t dont you think Joe:

Welcome to the Game!
Oh you sucked first time ?

Gotta watch those “optics” :crazy_face:

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Whoops somebody should have checked the forum more closely methinks!

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Here’s an update on this from today’s patch notes:

The Pre-Beta galaxy is once again full. Unfortunately, this time we’re not able to expand it like we did before (the current system isn’t capable of expanding the galaxy beyond the size achieved with the previous expansion). As well as new players being unable to join it, it means that if a player resets themselves or gets game over – they won’t be able to immediately rejoin the galaxy.

We’re going to need to launch a new galaxy soon so that players that want to rejoin the game are able to do so. Based on player feedback, the next galaxy will be much larger! When we do launch another galaxy, it will likely run in parallel to the current Pre-Beta galaxy. For now, try not to get wiped out :wink:

Can we get some more info here? If we’re going to be getting a new galaxy soon™ and the current may or may not stick around for long then I’m going to worry a lot less about long term planning.


Yeah, just a little heads up like: new galaxy in a couple of weeks / month /few months :slight_smile:
Thanks for your work!

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