Blog: Play with Friends - the Next Steps

@Puma thanks for the reply, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees.

A bit late here I guess but I like the proposed dev solution. I think I’m okay with devaluing homeworlds once they are captured, as long as it’s clear that it is a homeworld and therefore I know what I’m getting into. I’m fine with it because sometimes I invade places just to abandon them – I don’t want your planet, I just can’t let YOU keep it. So with this change that kind of forces the issue: do you REALLY want this person dead? Or are they just an inactive/noob and you’re out for free beer? No more free beers. You can eliminate them but you have to decide if it’s worth the effort or not.

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I really would suggest as a play with friends option the galaxy is divided into sectors, lets say for arguement sake a 10 x 10. when you join the main game you get the option to join a sector your friend is in, now the choice if you have just started is possibly it just throws you in a random sector or you get to choose. Would suggest if you get the option to choose it shows you the density or fullness of a sector. if there is no choice and its random then to join a friend they spawn a code that allows you to join in the same sector.

Few possible issues here current spawn method tends to throw you away from, established player this my not happen with choosing a sector. you could also end up spread very far apart if allowed to choose, which is no bad thing but is less likely to end up with wars in terms of PvP, make your own choice on good or bad on that one.

If worm holes are introduced then this would connect the galaxy better as we could well end up very spread out. so chances are something like this would only be suitable when galaxy is reset, and i would say that alliances are as important as play with friends as it gives a better connection between friends

@joe Have a feeling many are interested in what is going on behind the scenes on this. Any updates on the topic?


hello,first of all sorry for my english writing, then for me, when you invite someone, the planet should :

  1. keep the same ressources stats;
  2. have a 25%defense system, the friend could defend the new player;
  3. have 5 hydro and temp system level 1 with 10 happyness building level 1 to clear the malus.
  4. have the same other building like new starter.
  5. Block the friend invite system 1 or 2 week after a starting world. If people would like to be close they just have to join at the beginning at the same time. So no abuse for structures what need research.

thats will force to reserch a good planet for a friend and maybe give another to him for the complementary. It a big avantage to be able to invite friend near you,so he doesn’t need to have a big planet like real new solo players.
Like this, friend is happy to pop near you won’t have any avantages to abuse of it.

have a good day.



Hi everyone, thanks for your continued feedback on this topic! The alternative suggestions are interesting, but right now there just isn’t the developer time to consider another route. We can come back to this though e.g. when we’re ready to start on sectors/seed ship.

Of the changes we proposed in the blog there seems to be agreement on:

  • Disable the ‘stand down defenses’ option for home planets
  • A galaxy joined using a spawn code can’t be joined again using a spawn code within 5 days

So they should be done in the next patch (along with the fleet visibility and other bug fixes we’re working on). It was mentioned that because we were defining a home planet as a planet with a T3 ODS, dismantling it would permit defenses to be stood down. We could just prevent T3 ODS being dismantled (not doing so originally was probably an oversight anyway).

Based on your feedback it looks like the other changes we proposed need refining:

Block a player from removing the last colonists from their only planet to reset themselves

Instead of completely blocking it, we could bring it in line with the reset limitation from the lobby (if the option to reset from the lobby is open, you can reset this way too).

Block a player from removing the last colonists from their home planet to abandon it

While deliberately abandoning a planet by removing the last colonists doesn’t leave population or structures behind, it does leave resources and deposits. Some of you seem ok with that, but others agree that the remaining resources + deposits would still be an incentive/advantage.

Instead we could not block it, but deplete the resources left behind IF the planet is abandoned within the first 14/21/28 days?

Home planets captured in an invasion are devalued in the process: remove T3 ODS, key infrastructure, a large portion of the population, a large portion of the surface resources; and randomly zero several of the unmined deposits

The purpose of this change was to avoid players ‘abandoning’ a home planet by leaving a very small population such that the planet could be captured easily with an invasion.

Most of you agreed that the T3 ODS should be lost if a planet is conquered (either downgraded to T1/T2 or removed entirely - we could do a poll on the preferred option).

But many of you thought the rest of the changes proposed went too far. We have two options to choose between we think would make a good alternative:

  1. Newbie protection: block invasions against home planets less than 14/21/28 days old (so it blocks this from being exploited by making a planet easy to take with an invasion - and also gives new players some much needed protection?)
  2. Enable a new home planet to be invaded, but if the planet is less than 14/21/28 days old, trash it as originally proposed

What do you think?


I think that there are players in the current server that have turned entire systems into homeworlds. That needs to be reversed, by whatever method, or the server needs to be shut down and a new one started once the various bugs have been resolved. We have a lot of players that have just stopped playing entirely since before Christmas due to the bugs introduced in the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ patch.

I’m fine with newbie protections blocking invasions for 28 days, that’s a month of safety before they get erased for inactivity (which is typically the reason homeworlds get invaded, at least early on in a server’s lifespan).

If someone invites a friend to play for legitimate reasons, and then doesn’t protect them from invasion, that’s on them.


I think, home system protection would be better than only the homeworld protection.

Personal experience: When I started playing with Sneks, my first colony in my home system was invaded and taken from me 2 days into the game. All my fleets were destroyed and enemy fleets were stationed at the captured colony 24/7. My fleets leaveing from my homeworld were intercepted and all my asteroid resource was denied from me. (My enemy mined them out). He had 10 days advantage and I couldn’t do anything against his aggression. My development was severely delayed.

It would have made a huge difference if my home system had some kind of protection. Sadly it didn’t have any and my game was thoroughly ruined when it just started.

If a similar situation would have happened when I first started playing, I would have left for good. :slightly_frowning_face:


I like the 28 days of newbie protection idea. It doesn’t completely remove the exploit, as someone could still have several alt accounts and in a month’s time they could create perfect home world systems. Requiring several accounts to exploit it should majorly cut down on the abuse though, so I feel like the newbie protection is a step in the right direction though.


Ok stopping people standing down defences, wont stop the problem… Let me explain, i found an old homeworld of an inactive player, seem he had built a load of farms before going in active. Now when i looked at the planet it had 750k pop, the ODS was down the troops were gone and the whole planet was in shut down mode, so 5k troops landed and 9hrs latter the planet was mine.
Thinking it would still be posssible to kind of “gift” the planet by just burning the power plants and waiting for full shut down mode, how ever long that takes. Sure that takes time and doesnt happen over night

I am currently dishing out some Justice to someone that did similar, took systems in his homeworld, which left him no option but to reset. Then he moved onto the next player along that had recently spawned and was attempting the same. Lucky enough on a long cargo run i had mad a NAP with the new player and he told me what had happend. He is safe now and currently destroying the bully, fleets planets the whole works, hopefully when he resets he wont be so aggressive.

Why not just change the whole homeplanet creation code, so instead of modifying the planet, you spawn in, just add climate and hydro stations until the spawning race optimal values.

If the planet is a homeworld due to friend code, resources of the planet dont get modified at all.
If the plnaet is a homeworld due to random choosen planet, the game adds a 50 days buff to this planets that adds +50% to the planets resouces production, that decays by 1% per day. In addition to a permanent +10% resources productivity. Random choosen planets are always bigsize and must have a basic olzine, farsu, beron deposit of any number to prevent any kind of deadlock.

if a buffed planet gets captured, the buff gets lost.

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I’d go for the 28 days. A significant amount of resources could be accumulated in 28 days. But tbh this is only a concern in early game. In late game we’re swimming in resources, so I don’t even see this as a real issue.

If you completely remove the ODS because of the few who might exploit the game you remove the real incentive for war or invasions for the bulk of the players. I’d go for a poll. My preference is downgrade it to t2 and require that the ODS tech be completed by the player doing the invasion before it will work. Quit punishing ALL the players in the game for the few who would exploit it. Find a reasonable compromise.

I like #1, I’d go for 28 days. This also reduces the number of HW’s available for people who quit early and might reduce the number of people who do quit the game completely in early game. It takes a month for most players to get a decent foothold, especially new players, in how to play, and how to defend.

I think it’s too late. I think all of what’s being suggested is for the next Main server that is released. I’m not even sure how they’d program to find them all. Which ones are legit, which ones aren’t. And is this where we want their programming time spent. I don’t. Let them get the design right and then let’s encourage them to start a new server.

This is addressed in the change of the invasion mechanics. Reducing the ODS from T3 to a lower level that you can eventually build or eliminating it (I’m for making it a T2). Most invasions are not the exception as you described.

This is much prefered. Honest warfare and invasion, will still be worthwhile.

Some good thoughts here @Joe. My only refinement to things already mentioned by my peers is to consider not 14/21/28 days but make it Played Hours. That way the diligent player (or no lifer) will come out of protection faster BUT the slower casual player keeps their protection longer.

Of course in the odd case of somebody logging on a few times then forgetting about the game it can lapse eventually but I think reflecting time played in game is fairer than a fixed day limit.


Look for the systems full of homeworlds. And fix those. Problem solved.

I would like to see this at 7 days… and each subsequent spawn code in same galaxy increases the cooldown by 7 days…

so 2nd spawn after 7 days, 3rd after 14 days and so on… until you reach 5 and then you cant accept a spawn code from that player… but you can from someone else and 7 days gets added…

and so on.

A player that offers a spawn code cannot invade that world… for 100 days, though it could pass to an intermediate, but the original spawn code player would still have to wait 100 days to take it from the intermetiate.

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With regard to spawn codes, I’d still rather see this entire concept scrapped in favor of sectors for the future. To me it’s still a poor way of allowing friends to play close to one another, especially given how close you are placing players near one another in this main galaxy.

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