Blog: New Galaxies Launching Next Week

Hi everyone,

Two new galaxies - ‘Skirmish 2’ and ‘Main 2’ - are launching on Wednesday March 25th (we’ll confirm the time soon).

The current ‘Skirmish 1’ and ‘Main 1’ galaxies will continue. So if you are playing in those galaxies, don’t worry, you can carry on playing there. See the blog for more details:


With only being able to play one skirmish or one main galaxy participation on the current active servers will go very inactive as players are forced to leave them to try new content.

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Agreed. @joe, I’d petition for a slight modification where current players can remain active in up to two galaxies, but not limit the type. I.e., players in Main 1 can choose to join Main 2 but then would not be able to be active in either Skirmish galaxy.

This might be a preferred option for experienced players who (1) have invested a lot in the Main 1 galaxy and don’t want to just abandon it quite yet and (2) want to try the new features but don’t necessarily feel the need for the training wheels of a Skirmish galaxy and (3) don’t want to fall behind in the technology/development race vs. those who switch over to Main 2 right away.

In short, please let those of us who know the game well forego Skirmish and play both Main galaxies. This maintains the same server load/player but avoids the Hobson’s choice entailed in being limited to one Main galaxy.

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I totally agree with Kadge, this sounds like a perfect solution.

I think the idea is to empty the current servers without forcing anyone. Natural attrition is a good middle ground in getting the servers refreshed. You cant please everyone and this is a decent approach

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I would servers like to play all four

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@joe will we need to reset to clear ourselves from the original servers before entering the new server?

If you are playing in two galaxies already you will have to reset in one of them to free up a slot to be able to join either of the new galaxies.


Does this kill your score in that galaxy? It would be nice to leave a galaxy while retaining historical score record.

Yes it kills your score, you disappear there.

That’s a shame. I’ll have to grab some screenshots of the leaderboards so I can help remember who’s who in the next galaxy!

Maybe the scoreboard should reflect “current” and “historical high”. That might be cool in general. e.g., your current GE score might be 20,000 (or 0, because you quit out) but your historical high is displayed as 280,000. Either it means you took a beating or it means you restarted but there is some record that once upon a time you had a good score there. @joe

If we’re going to lose the scoreboard of the old galaxy every time a new galaxy opens (and most players quit out and switch over) then to my mind that largely defeats the purpose of keeping score at all.

Problem is the old servers aren’t going away, some people may continue to play there.

Its more that less players will play there

Not really even if one plays there it will stay open, so if it’s if any play there, if we are going to mince words lmao.