Blog: Hyperspeed Galaxy Preview


Looks like fun.

Def going to try and check it out! Love deep RTS styles

I like what I’m reading

What about the idea of starting with more than one planet in this galaxy?
I’m thinking maybe 3 planets? 5?

Just an idea

I wonder what is that feature they haven’t announced yet

Any teasers you can give us @Joe

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When they brought up the new spawn style into an empty Galaxy I suggested two secondary spawn points well away from the primary. This way it fills out the map and gives players a couple fallback option.

Would be nice to get new dev ideas/plans out there so the player base could at least discuss it. Especially in light of some of the less than optimal updates lately.

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Super excited!

sounds very cool and promising!

However flight times might be toned back a bit to just a 5x increase.

Wormholes confirmed!?


I hope not… Alliance features…

Looks like the cat is out of the bag…

And we’ve got good news for you regarding alliances. We’ve resumed work on alliances this week and will post more details for you on this next week!


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Any update on this, keen to get a solid stint with mates lined up on the weekend of release.

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