Blog: Galactic News - September 6th

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Any word about the balance changes and new galaxies mentioned about a month ago? Seems the past 3 weeks have been dedicated to these fleet guards and achievements. Sorry, but not alot of people care about achievements. Fleet guards seem like such a simple addition considering we already have them in the form of pirate guards. But the past 3 weeks and all thats being talked about are those two things. Me and im sure many others would appreciate some news on the new galaxy and those balance changes you mentioned before.

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The heat map is cool and all, but I have to ask if this was necessary? I struggle with the importance of this addition vs other things to have been worked on. I assume the data collection was easy and to make the heat map work, fairly simple, but what was the point?

I do really like the anylitics, but yea…

This I guess is a hint that the new Awaken server will release soon. Too bad it means retiring the old one but I guess it is good to focus players on one server rather than split them up by two.

I very much doubt that it is a simple addition as there are a lot of things to consider. Such as cloak detection, mine sweeping/avoiding minefields, automatic refueling/rearming but also target selection. Likely they will just randomly select targets, at first, but you might not want your dread guardian fleets to chase around small scout fleets and you also might not want your corvette guardian fleets to crash into enemy dread fleets.

This could be solved by allowing you to set min-max fleet rating of the target fleet the guardian fleet will engage. That way you can set your corvette guardian fleets to, for example, only engage other fleets of strength 1-8 and your dread guardian fleets to 10-18. But I digress…

Not yet but hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have more info for you.

The heat map (and galactic news) didn’t/doesn’t take up any developer time. It was something we mentioned we would do a while ago to make the galactic news more interesting e.g. a top level view of fleet combat activity.

Yes we plan to release a new one very soon and will let you know more shortly :slight_smile: This galaxy has already ran for longer than we originally envisaged as it was the first such experimental galaxy we’ve launched.

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but please please, rebalance the weapon costs first! T5 weapons need to cost 20x the cost of T1!!!

Rather then overpriced build costs how about fixing the broken economic system that allows far to many credits to be made.

The taxable population should only be the workforce. And the workforce should have a limit that is less then the population limit.


Don’t forget to add upkeep!

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