Blog: Galactic News – July 5th


First dread kill here, I think. :wink:

Please take some time to really address the minefield debacle, joe.

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Can we will get the news about the main server

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This summary shows, how unbalanced Synthis is ^^.

The corruption things needs a whole overhaul. Paired with the ability to repair fleet anywhere you wish, makes this faction pretty strong.

My suggestion is, pay credits to fight corruption on a planet, that is too tiny for a whole happyness infrastructure. Aka negative tax, that has no limit.

Well only 6 of the top 20 are syntis players so organics seem to be doing fine.

Just because tons start as syntis doesn’t make them op.

syntis is the weakest race in the game who cares if they are popular. They will keep being the weakest race in the game as long as they have their tiny fleet/planet/pop caps

I love seeing them starting next to me too, easiest race to kill and their HW are the best systems in the game to take

I can see that being true in the new fast server, as the speed of the server undermines the Syntis’ main strong points. In the Main galaxies, Syntis are easily the most powerful race. Mainly because in a game of slow buildup, slow mining, slow everything, the Syntis ability to efficiently strip planets and move cargo makes them a logistical powerhouse. (Whereas the other races are more of a “logistical nightmare”. But when cargo ships can go, effectively, warp 30, eh…that Syntis advantage dissolves.)

The only time syntis are good at striping planets matter is when you find the F planets with 50m+ on them. Otherwise striping planets is foolish (besides early game when you need beron before deepmines exist on mass). Why would you use a planet cap for striping around 500k resources per planet when you could have a planet deep mining 7k+ an hr. That’s only the mid rate, you could get up to 15k+. Just takes a long time, which is what id rather be working towards over striping a planet.

If anything syntis are better on speed worlds because its alot harder to micro manage 60 worlds and 200 fleets at that speed

Eventually yeah. At 100% density that’s 195 deep mines for 7k/hr. Which will take almost exactly two months to build in a Main galaxy (and that’s not counting the power and all the happiness centers you’d need as an organic…)

In two months a Syntis player could strip mine way more than that and use it to crush you before your deep mines really got rolling.

I think there is general agreement that Syntis golden age is the first 3 months or so of a new (non-fast) galaxy, though. It takes a while for the organics to get their legs under them to compete with that early Syntis ability to strip things and not worry about happiness, but eventually they can catch up.

Yes deep mines take a while to build up, which im fairly sure i stated.

The main thing is organics econ snowballs so much faster.
-faster pop growth (way faster with dual poping, as the 2nd pop for syntis will always grow slowly)
-better tax income
-higher pop caps
-more planets, and organics hit 40+ planets before sytnis (or at least i can not sure why other players are scared of corruption some times)

With a larger work force and more money they can snowball better to always stay ahead. Also early game they have a huge econ advantage which means bigger early game fleets and can lockdown syntis players easily.

Also its not like organics arnt allowed to strip mine. It just costs a little bit more beron for every mine they build. Now if planets start having more resources on them in the first place strip mining may become alot more important. Now days its not really that great. Besides mining those planets with 800k beron early game, there not much point. F is rarely a problem early game as credits tend to be the limit for fleets (which organics have more of then syntis). Strip mining Z isnt really a possibility.

I like Synthis. Dont pick a race because it is the “best” or most powerful, pick one you like to play.

If Synthis is too terrible, maybe we can get buffed. regen during battles would be nice, and ordinance that regens in space would be nice too. heh

I own 2 cat caps, so theyre not oped.

If you go for mining (deep mining), Synthis even may perform better than other races. For other purposes, Synthis can pretty well dualpop with Ripchee on non mining planets. Also synthis has a wide varity of accessable planets.

A Synthis player can pretty well use a 0% Landmass planet.
Here some values:


Now some values if you find a 100% Landmass planet


Credit income is usually not an issue for any race after the early phase of the game.

In summary, Synthis may not be the best race in game, but is the easiest to play and has access to more planets to abuse. If you can dualpop with Ripchee, you can reach 2’376’000 total pop on a 20km diameter planet.

I must of misunderstood your original point in your first post. I thought you where arguing for them to be nerfed. They have a weak early game, and a weak or very weak late game. While only having an average mid game. Their main selling point is they are easier to play (altho arguable seeing as they kinda need dualpop). If they are most popular they probably don’t need any noticeable buffs, besides maybe fleet cap but that’s another story. Seeing as they are the weakest race they dont really need any nerfs.

Also its really hard to talk about balance when 95-99% of the player base play sub-optimally. I dont mean like waking up in the middle of the night to que things up. I mean people doing things like having planets 5-10km large for long term