Blog: Galactic News - August 23rd


Thanks for the post. When can we expect the patch for the fleet guards?

Not sure at the moment, but we should be able to put a date on it later this week.


Hey look, you made it onto the leaderboards.

Nice job.

Great that you are looking at balancing mechanics. Hopefully that will include changing minefields role to soften up targets rather than outright destroying them as you said. That will finally give them a balanced role.

Might I suggest you have a look at the Orbital Defence System next? It is a useful mechanic but currently the targeting mechanism I believe is inefficient. It seems to evenly distribute the damage across all fleets which can be exploited by spamming the planet with non-bomber, so called tank fleets.

E.g. if you have 10 fleets in orbits and five of those are bomber fleets against 10 T2 orbital defence systems then each fleet is targeted by one ODS which means, assuming they have more than 1500 HP hull, all of them will survive during the 30 minutes it takes to drop the bombs. Which in turn means they have not served their purpose of protecting the planet.

Instead why not use a more intelligent focus fire targeting where the same 10 ODS would focus fire the bombing fleets, starting with the one’s with the most orbital bombing modules with the purpose of destroying fleets by doing more damage than their HP, then all five of those bombing fleets would get hit for 3000 damage each (assuming their HP is less than 3000) and either be destroyed or forced to abort their bombing and leave orbit. A much more efficient and balanced use of the ODS.

Or, hear me out… park ships in orbit to kill the bombers.

ODS are working as intended. Your math isn’t, but that’s not the point.

yamota people are not using 10 ods but 100 therefor your suggestion is terrible. its very nice of you that you are replying to every thread but your limited experience is troublesome as your suggestions often dont reflect the actual gameplay ingame.

currently the ods stuff is balanced.

oh add to the 100 ods 25 docked fleets.

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Do you know what would be better than “fixing” ODS? Removing their ship damaging ability and adding defensive space stations that could be designed like ships. A planet could only have a single “fleet” of these stations. They could have 4 tiers like ships with increasingly higher flagship limit.

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ODS is balanced because people are using 100 ODS? Great logic there.

100 ODS will require 1 million population which means the planet wont be able to do much else. So no, they are not balanced. At all.

And no “people” will have 100 ODS on all, or most, of their planets because then they wont be able to produce any minerals nor any fleets. So your assertion is nonsense and so is your constant nagging about my “limited experience”.

In fact I would bet my experience better reflect casual players which are usually the playerbase of most games out there.

That would be cool indeed as a new feature/mechanic. But they said they are looking at existing mechanics and I was, at the dislike of @Rae and his boy @Teeo, responding to that.

Listen here sonny boy. I am a gamer, providing feedback to the developers to a game that I am playing on an almost daily basis.

Now I know, as you was probably the only child, and spoiled rotten, you have a problem with other people having an opinion that differs from yours but that is all part of growing up.

And the developers know the game better than you and they can likely see what experience I have in the game and will judge my feedback based on that. So stop trolling every post I make and go do something useful with your life.

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Really, you dont defend any of your arguments either, and thats assuming you even make one. All you do is insult people for daring to think differently than you. But, using your whole experience logic, my suggestions are worth more than yours. Because i joined an entire year before you did. So, using your logic, the devs would listen to me before they did you. But thats an insult to the devs. Everyones opinion matters, you need to grow up and accept that.

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I did not need to defend it because your assertion that people are using 100 ODS so therefore it is balanced is nonsense, which I stated.

You, and your man Rae, did not provide any information that my post was “garbage” beside saying that people are using 100 ODS and not 10, which was just an example.

So if anyone is posting garbage, it is you and I am not sure why I am even responding to you as you are a textbook example of a forum troll. Constantly attacking and belittling other people.

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If you had actually played for that long, sure. You had 5 planets forever in A3 because you were terrified of corruption that you didn’t understand. Not sure that should even count as playing.

I don’t remember you playing on Main One either, but maybe you just didn’t matter.

In fact I don’t remember you being relevant at any point. Maybe I just didn’t care about your contributions back then, either. Entirely possible.

As for this, that was Rae. Try again, hero.

I’m the one that pointed out your math was not working as intended. Your ‘suggestion’ was to somehow turn 10 ODS into a super-insane defense system capable of eliminating 5 fleets inside of 30 minutes by dealing 3,000 damage each, including how to kill a ship (do more damage than their HP) like it was a new revelation, some more nonsense, and then claim that would be ‘more efficient and balanced’.

As I said before, ODS are working as intended. The other veteran with actual experience in this current conversation, Rae, agreed with me on that. He also pointed out people are using 25 docked fleets to defend their planets, which goes far beyond my simple suggestion to just have ships defend your planets.

I’m sure you both have some more personal attacks to levy, so fire away. Maybe you want to know more about my childhood?

Ok so let me spell it out for you then as math does not seem to be your strong area.

One T2 ODS does 150 damage every 3 minutes and for the 30 minutes minimum it takes to bomb a planet that means it will do 150x30/3 = 1500 damage.

10 ODS focus firing at the 5 bomber fleets and ignoring the 5 other fleets in my example would mean that they would deal 15000 damage divided between the 5 bomber fleets which would equal 3000 damage to each bomber fleet instead of 1500 damage to each fleet, as it is now.

So please do point out where my “math was not working as intended” and how it is more efficient for ODS to distribute their damage evenly instead of focus firing on the ships with orbital bombardment weapons.

This can then be taken even further where the 10 ODS, in my example, each round targets only one fleet at a time. Which would mean that the first round of firing would do the complete 150x10 = 1500 damage every third minutes to one fleet and then target the same fleet the next third minute cycle, dealing 3000 damage to one fleet after only 6 minutes.

Which again is more efficient at killing fleets than doing 150 damage to every fleet every third minutes.

Finally the 10 ODS vs 10 Fleets was just an example to illustrate that focus firing is more efficient at killing fleets than evenly distributing the damage and was not intended to be an average on how many ODS people build. But I can say for 100% certainty that it will not be 100 ODS as that would mean 1 million population plus the manpower needed for electricity and happiness centres which would mean there would be little to no people left for other things such as minerals and shipyards.

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I would like to second this as almost every post I make I have @Teeo or @Rae coming out of the woodwork to troll and bait me and it is getting tiresome as I feel compelled to respond in kind.

I am not claiming all, or any, of my posts are 100% accurate on how it is in the game but I should still be entitled be able to say my part without getting constantly harassed by these two who once again are hijacking my posts and turning them into a flamewar.

At least @odis is courteous and respectful when he disagrees with my posts.

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I am well aware that some people have 100+ ODS on some of their planets but I said that is NOT THE AVERAGE as that would mean that they would have nothing left for other things and as such is not some sort of proof that ODS are balanced.

In fact, using almost every single population on a planet to build ODS is a sign that they are infact NOT balanced.

This is a forum and I am entitled to offer my opinion on anything I like. If you feel my post is breaking any forum rule then report them.

That was in a response to you and @Rae where you wanted me to shut up because I dont have the “years” of experience you have in the game. Never, ever have I said that I know more than anyone else or that I represent everyone else. This, again, was a response to your trolling attempts to shut me down by claiming I have no experience and should hence shut up.

And if you want to leave then go ahead and leave, I am not stopping you. But I wont be sitting idle while you spread lies about me. And I still have not seen your explanation for why my math was wrong, despite me wasting my time laying it out for you how I calculated.

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I dont think ODS need any change currently. There are much more important aspects of the game that need a rebalance.

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And your argument for that is: Build 100 ODS. Which is ridiculous as there wont be any population left for anything else. That is actually an argument for why it is imbalanced as you should not have to use almost all population for ODS.

A more reasonable amount would be 25% of the population, so about 25 ODS. For getting past 25 ODS, without a single lost ship in 30 mins, would need 12 bomber fleets with 3000+ hp (I have 3400 hps on my current bombers atm and I know it is possible to have as much as 4000). And that is assuming there are no tank fleets to absorb the damage. That is imo not balanced as it does not take long to build 12 bomber fleets, even with the price hike.

This can be balanced by having ODS focus firing so that atleast some of the fleets are destroyed (if they stay in orbit). Focus firing is a common tactic and I dont see why the ODS should not take advantage of it.

Those 25 ODS would then fire 25x150 = 3750 damage/3 mins. Destroying one fleet every 3 mins instead of destroying zero fleets for 30 minutes.

25 ships (bombers, tanks, doesn’t matter) to laugh at the 25 ODS, then a couple bomber fleets, and your planet falls just the same. Focus fire just means you kill 25 ships (yay), which on the 10x server take no time to create anyhow. 12 hours? Whatever.

You keep using the same argument about ODS and population, but depending on the planet and its occupants, you can have wildly different population totals. So your argument loses a lot of merits based on that alone.

And your claims about every planet needing 100 ODS are nonsense as well, because there are these concepts called front lines… protect your front lines, and have your manufacturing in the back. It’s called strategic design, maybe you could look into it.

As we keep saying, ODS is fine. It clearly is your current focus, but that doesn’t mean the Devs need to waste any time on fixing something that isn’t broken.