Blog: Galactic News #7 – June 14th


It’s taken me very little time fighting to realize the warfare score is highly misleading. I sure hope the devs aren’t considering it a useful metric for anyone’s dominance. Right now it’s entirely possible to gain warfare score more rapidly than an opponent when they are effectively besting you in combat.

If you want a warfare score that actually means something, maybe try ranking people on a direct ratio between farsu lost in ships vs farsu destroyed, with a minimum total amount required before they’re eligible to be listed on the board.

Farsu collected from destroyed fleets is halfway to a better metric. Just because you killed it, doesnt mean your winning, but if you can collect the res, your probably not loosing.

If you kill more farsu than you lose, consistently, that seems to fit under the banner of “master of warfare”. It doesn’t really mean winning, in my mind. It means best at fighting. Personally, I am not interested in knowing who the best at looting is.

Agreed and agreed.

The leaderboards in general I think are exploitable and generally misleading. I think we would all be better off without them.

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While I do think they are misleading, they do also promote competition which is something we do need (though probably not more of).

I would think bombing over 1M people into oblivion should be worth something on the MoW leaderboard, but maybe that’s just me.

There should definitely be credit for this. To me, it fits better under the “conqueror” board. I think the ultimate purpose of having these categories is to offer prestige for multiple styles of play, right? We don’t necessarily see such a stark diversity of playstyles yet, but that’s how I’m thinking when I look at the leaderboards.

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Lightningguns can for sure be OP. But when fixed overall balance needs to be taken into account. Its not a good fix if the weapon only has a straight DPS nerf based on how OP it is on synthis fleets currently. As Synthis can line up the most battleships with 4 large slots each right now in a line and still have survivability. This would just mean the new lightninggun would only be useful on said synthis fleets and useless on every other factions fleets who can realistically line up much less large slots. Especially PR who suffers from huge ship models on Battleships and Dreadnoughts coupled with only 2 large slots on battleships and mankind who dont have the survivability.

So i hope your change take the amount of large slots that can be lined up into account from all factions to make it a useful weapon for everyone.


Looking forward to testing the new Hyperspeed system.