Blog: Galactic News #6 – June 6th


@joe Your weapon comparison is missing Hellfire cannons and armorbanes. It would have been interesting to see how many are using hellfires. I think that would make the scale tip even further to the ordnance area.

Also i dont think people use missiles and torpedoes because they are impressed with AOE damage. But rather because some factions, like PR, have no option to line up all their ships with cannons due to large ship models and are thus forced to use missiles and torpedoes on about half the ships in their fleet.

The new meta seems to be a line of Lightning guns due to their Area effect being way superior to torpedoes, fire faster and compound well. Torpedoes do you no good if your ships are dead before they get to fire. Then Hellfire cannons mixed with regular kinetic cannons as medium weapons (mix depending on how much ordnance are carried, some go full hellfire). Hellfires are far superior in damage output than any energy weapon in general and don’t have to care about shields. Armorbanes can be more destructive but only against targets above a certain size plus are blocked by shields completely, except the small AB. The amount of armor a ship needs to have for the small AB to do better than a regular small plasma is too high to be practical.

A couple of factions (Synt, Ripc) have superior battleships as well with 4 large slots making them unbeatable with Lightning guns even after the damage reduction patch. Mankinds ship size makes it possible for them to line up an acceptable amount of Lightning guns as well but they have an even more difficult time making their ships survive as instead of their entire frontline being destroyed in the first LG volley of that Synthis fleet it will be their entire fleet going poof. PR however are shafted in this new meta as they have the absolute worst battleship that is extremely large and expensive with only 2 large slots making it impossible for them to line up enough lightningguns to compete. Its also impossible to build to resist fire by LGs on those ships and still be competetive.