Blog: Galactic News #4 – May 23rd

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@joe is there still going to be a eta on how long till you have the science points to each tech basid on current rate?

ETA for more alliance features @joe ?

I’m personally rather split on this.

The change may help new players from getting sticker-shocked but it may also make them lag behind imo. I think the new setup is probably good because it’s lighter on the server and I dont have to worry about loosing RP when switching techs but I think that this doesn’t encourage new players to actually build labs: i think it encourages production of the labs less.

"We could enable players restarting in the same galaxy to restart with a larger balance of science points – relative to the amount they spent on research previously. But if they were to spawn alongside other new players they’d have an advantage over them. Maybe players choosing to restart in this manner would have to respawn in a separate dedicated area of the galaxy instead?

Another option is that all players joining a galaxy – whether they were previously playing in that galaxy or not – start with a balance of science points relative to how long that galaxy has been running?"

I think to insure that older players aren’t immediately in a position to overpower new players that the second option is the better option to keep the area balanced for new spawns and re spawns.

In general I like this method of research over the present one, plus it will keep all players on somewhat par whether they spawn on day one or spawn on day 30. Day 30 they’ll have specific ones to catch up on, but at a faster research rate because of having the points available, they should catch up quickly. It also sounds like it can be easily tailored to the speed intended for the galaxy.

It would be good if you could get it implemented in the next skirmish galaxy.

Actually a new player will spend their points quickly, then if they don’t build labs they won’t have points for new tech. They’ll find out quickly that they’d better build labs or they won’t be doing new tech very quickly.

Well yes but no. The time attached to each research is useful to understand that you really need a lot of RP and therefore labs. Once a player falls behind, it’s generally difficult to catch up.

In regards to extra RP when joining, maybe each player spawns in with RP comparable to the guys they are next to? 75% bonus? If they spawn in on the outer rim, they’ll get like 4, but if they spawn into the middle, they’ll immediately be able to unlock most of the tree and still be bottle necked by resources.

Still need the resources to use the tech. If you don’t have the planetary infrastructure you still have to play catch up with that as well.

I’m really excited for the new research system

About restarting:
1- I like the idea of people starting with enough science cashe relative to the age of the galaxy, but it should be balanced, it shouldn’t allow them to quickly skip to Mid-game tech in 24hs just because they started in a galaxy 2 months old

A better way to rephrase that, it should be balanced so that it doesn’t immediately get them on par with the ones that started playing on day 1

As for restarting…
I would very much love for the ability to restart with a different civ, but in the same location
If we do that, then allowing the player to have enough science points to make up for all they spent before restarting would be fair, in fact it would be a brilliant idea imo

I know lots of people who may want to restart to check a different civ, however they are currently all around friends and allies, and can’t have them all restart just because one player wants to try something different

Atm one could use spawn codes, I did it in main 1 when I switched to snakes, I reset and had an ally spawn me into the same area.
It’s a way to implement my idea using the current mechanics of the game, but a more straightforward way would be better

You could do that with a spawn code I’d guess if the science is relative to the galaxy. Though I’d like spawn codes to be eliminated all together.

@joe I like this science feature/mechanic better than what we currently have, but our main issues right now is that there are no caps (I know people hate caps) or at least not much down side/diminishing returns to science.

I am starting to think that we need a science budget, a slider, that for every science point we need “upkeep,” or an actual budget. Because adding too much more resources, credit cost, or population is going to make them too prohibitive I believe.

So my suggestion is this, for every point you have you have an upkeep, represented by a value, a value you can change. You can max out the budget to get 100% of your science points per hour, or you can reduce the budget to get less, in case you need more money for other things.

@joe We would definitely need a “research planner” feature for this. Today people can easily see on the tech tree how far away certain tech are in Hours and days and plan their construction of buildings, fleets etc after that. With the new “tech shop” interface where we buy tech with points from a pool this kind of planning ahead will be more problematic without having to use a calculator in RL. If one has to use a calculator external to the game for planning the usage of a feature then that’s a sure sign that the feature lacks user friendliness.

One way to do it could be adding a planning overlay to the tech tree screen. When its enabled you can pick tech highlighting it ( Technically adding it to a queue and can reuse the old code) and you see a dynamically updated counter on the side showing you how long it will take you to finish researching the current selected plan with your current income of hourly tech points. Then add a second line that shows you how long it takes to finish researching the current plan with your hourly tech points + your current stockpiled tech points.