Blog: Galactic News #3 – May 16th



Interesting changes. Lets see how they pan out

Long ago I suggested a grid spawn where we get a bunch of systems when we start. This isn’t far off I guess.

Two question:
In the new galaxy is it possible to have a system spawn in a portion of space that was previously explored and found empty?

Secondly, I like the idea of a guard fleet. Any plans on having option to set your own fleets to patrol or guard a system?


I’m very interested to see the new spawning mechanism

The team play galaxies… 100% yes to that… Group activities would be a great addition

As for the protection area.
This would be a good time to look into borders.

And I would like to propose a new player status
Atm we have 3 (pirate, which is an NPC) and enemies or allies (represented in red and green)
I’d like to have a 4th… Which will be norm… Neutral
And allow us to set certain people as enemies just like we do when we send treaties

about the new spawning mechanism

will the galaxy be entirely empty?
Meaning that hypothetically if only one player joins the galaxy all they’ll have access to is those 10 or so systems? And the rest of the galaxy will be an empty void?

Or will it still have a few pre generated systems, just not like how it is now?

Could have one spawn point as a Homeworld system and then three secondary spawn point systems elsewhere. Would open the map up a little more for exploration as well as having backup locations.

i really like the new spawn mechanics. ESP if you can wormhole link those worlds into a central “hub” region that has a lot of great mineral and native pops to fight over :smiley:

the addition of a CONCORD (EVE Online) style protection fleet is also quite brilliant and id love to see you do similar with POI pirate space stations we can go hunt down someday (generate pirate fleets till blown up)

overall this is a great set of new parameters and i cant wait to see how it plays out!

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I’m skeptical on this spawning method. Will give it a try, but it sounds quite limiting unless a lot of players join the galaxy and unequal unless every set of 10 systems are basically equal in content and now no encouragement to go explore.

I see an exploit already. Join open up an area, reset, join, open an area, reset (yes wait 7 days but still), repeat. Want more to explore and colonize, just get an alt to open things up.

And if this isn’t allowed, then you’d be creating pockets of voids all over the place or scorched planets.

Next to spawn codes, this is the worst idea I’ve seen yet.

Idk, it doesn’t sound like anything really changed there imo. Group spawning with alts or friends doing this has the same result no?

Iam looking forward to be playing on the new server however i fear that one core aspect of 4X, the exploration has been sacrificed in order to fix some balance issues.

I realy liked the exploration in Outscape cause there was a certain feel of vastness to it, although there wasnt much to find other than some strange regions, voids or simply the shape of the galaxy. Id love to see that exploration aspect of the game expanded with something cool to find and not scrapped.

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