Blog: Galactic News #1 – May 2nd


Great, thanks for your work! :slight_smile:


Snakes not getting used due to the ships probably. Small and then the armor/shield setup is poor for the most part.

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Awesome joe, thanks for the update!!

11% growth in the last 7 days? That’s pretty good!! Keep moving the game in the right direction across the board and watch it catch fire :slight_smile:

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One thing that this data unfortunately does is that it gives away locations on the outer rim that players have relocated to for whatever reason. Fall back points away from the main groups of players are now in plain view.

Im pretty sure, majority of players use synthis because they don’t need to take care of corruption. And since they don’t need to take care of corruption, they can exploit small planets (5000km) for resources, while bio have no access to these planets without building a whole infrastructure of happiness structures.

The issue with snakes is, it is mandatory to have a second pop living there.

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Yeah, corruption is a broken system in my opinion

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This was a fun read, keep em comiN!

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Love the update! and to see whats happing on the galactic map.

Syntis dont have corrpution, i really feel like you should add an exponential credit curve cost to empire growth or something. it really frustrates players to have to deal with empire wide corruption on a per planet basis. perhaps have a regional government office facility that costs a ton to upgrade each time? similar to the capital building? just need something to help with the issue for non Syntis Players.

also despite the snakes having the best armor plating in game, their base armor is so low its almost pointless. the addition of the lighting gun also negates their front face stack bonus. Additionally the low armor plus limited module slots requires an unacceptable number of slots be reserved just to bring their armor values up. if you could buff base armor on them, that would help a lot.

I also feel like they should receive a special raiding technology called “slave pens” or something, where they may steal primary civilization populations and bring them back to their worlds for consumption. their best power requires them to already have native or primary civs available, thats a tall request!

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The armor buff is much needed but id also like to see snithereal t2 destroyers having two of the medium weapon slots changed to large weapon mounts.

Yeah, I still don’t have a lot of experience with it (the main1 war was over by the time the lightning gun rolled out) but I’ve always thought that weapon was a mistake. Its job is to negate front face stacking but in doing so I suspect it eliminates the use of a lot of ships whose only purpose in life was front face stacking.

Also, though, the snake special ability seems to be oriented towards making them a better invader…but invasions phase out once bombers roll in, which in main2, is already starting. x4 troop defense strength and T2 ODS makes invasions unrealistic without bombing first, and if you can successfully bomb then you might as well bomb them so hard that invading is easy regardless of race.

I agree, showing colonies on a map should not be done, period, its wrong in so many ways, and what’s even worse, with a grid!. You can pretty much guarantee someone can more-or-less pinpoint the XY of those remote locations and be sending fleets to seek out, harass those remote people, so much for grand strategy. Why not just give their names and exact system name, and save us the fuel or sending the scouts?

We’ll let you know when we get there. And by we I mean everyone capable of reading a map.


A grand strategy should not revolve around being able to hide out in an area where players -when they do finally join- have 0 chance to fight you 5v1, the 1 being you.

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This is nothing to do with new players, this is about disclosure of information that can be abused.

A new player will always be weaker initially, it is inevitable and there nothing anyone can do to prevent it, and what makes the issue worse, players weakness is advertised on a score table for all to see. If someone is number 1 on the score table, you probably want to avoid annoying them, if someone is 1000 on the score table, they are a bug to be squashed.

Don’t advertise people’s strength, weakness, locations, that information should be attained through genuine intel gathering by the player, faction, trading of information in game.

Abolish the pay to win mechanic. Spawn codes are abused in many ways, the game advertised no-pay-win, but the pay-to-win ability exists.

Abandon the badly designed spawn mechanic that forces people to spawn in undesirable locations (e.g. next to a strong hostile player in the outer rim) and forced into early conflict which gives players an unpleasant experience that could causes people to quit playing altogether. The game should be encouraging people to “want to play” not abandoned the game because of a flawed mechanic.

Add sectors in different areas in the galaxy and allow players to “choose” where they want to join with a seed ship that contains the base resources, troops and people to colonies and transform their first planet. Players can either group up with their friends / factions in a specific sector, pick a hostile sector, or pick some random sector and runaway to take their chances in the outer rim. A player should have a right to choose their play style/speed and starting region (at a sector hub for example) and be not be dictated by spawn algorithm.

Add fast travel methods between sectors. (e.g: a jump gate) so people can go to war with each other on a galactic scale when it suits them, today we are all be squished into a local area of a few 100 ly’s dictated by a spawn algorithm.

Change or remove ability to mine a system, a stronger player can cripple a new player.

As far as I’m concerned, if that strong player wants to go get out of dodge and go to the outer rim, good for them, let them do it, and nobody can stop them, I hope they have fun, write a book and send a postcard. As for the unfortunate newbie player who will spawn in next to them, it sucks to be that newbie…… get rid of spawn dictatorship, have sector hubs where people can choose.

The devs might learn a thing or to by looking at some existing/precursor games like Eve-On-Line and and retain more players with some sensible changes.

Right now, I would predict those people in remote places displayed on the map can probably expect guests in the matter of days/weeks.

If you think i’m remote… by all means send your fleets, i’ll look forward to seeing you. You best be quick though, i might have moved planet before the next map is release.


Your own arguments betray you. You state you want to be free to play your game while you (I am assuming you are the one doing it based on your response which is most amusing as none of the dots have names attached to them nor any other detail) sit and build your empire freely and without opposition taking up only the best planets, feeding off surface resources suppressing the next player to be spawned in your area, no doubt weeks (months?) from now when you will no have problems crushing them like the little bugs you described because at some point someone will spawn near you. You dont need to believe me, I’m sure both @ops2048 and @saintinel Will have something to say about it if they are still here.

You mention removing easily abusive strategies while implementing others as if instant (near instant) travel doesn’t benefit larger alliances more than smaller ones and think that would benefit the players.

Lol when players begin to spawn on the outer rim, its because there is nowhere else to spawn. By allowing players to move their locations via seed ships or other mechanics, you inevitably will have to spawn next to more players who have spawned even earlier and will naturally be crushed when the galaxy is that full, which appears by your view, is the trick to getting players to stick around? Lol

I can’t continue, your arguments are so self defeating that I dont know how to continue.

Side note: no doubt the devs have things to be fixed and not just bugs, but these ideas are not the fixes the game needs.